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By: Lacey

Merhaba! (Hello!) I'm Lacey. I live in Turkey but I'm from the United States. I'm 9 years old. My favorite color is green. I LOVE to play the computer and my Nintendo D.S. The people in my family are Daddy (Brian), Mommy (Cortney), Me (Lacey), Maren (my sister, 6 years old), and Aeden (my brother, 2 years old). I'm in third grade. There are 17 kids in my class (there used to be 19 but a girl named Talita (from South Africa) and a boy named Minato (from Japan) moved away). My teacher is Ms. Sneed. My friends are Annie (from Kentucky, America), Mikah (from North Carolina, America) and Julia (from Brazil, South America).

Now let me tell YOU about Turkey! The main language is Turkish. (Not much English is spoken here). The capital is Ankara. (That's where I live!) The currency is Turkish Lira. The main religion is Muslim. The call to prayer (A call that tells the Muslims when to pray) goes on 5 times a day so it's very noisy. Turkey has no states but instead it has provinces. Turkey is close to Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia. Turkey was established in 7500 BC. WOW! The first people that were here were the Anatolian hunter-gatherers. Turkey's system of government is democratic and the head of Turkey is Abdullah Gul. Turkey also has a type of bus called a dolmus (DOLE-moosh. It means stuffed.) I had a drink called Ayran and REALLY didn't like it! [Ayran is a yogurt drink with salt and water]. Turkey is the producer of a yummy fruit called quince.

Here are some helpful words in Turkish:

Hello (Merhaba)
Good-bye (Gule-Gule)
Please (Lutfen)
Thank you (Tesekkur ederim)
Thanks (Tesekkurler)
Excuse me (Pardon)
How much does it cost? (Ne kadar)
Where's the restroom? (Banyo nerede)