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By: Augcats

My name is Lisa P. I will be going to sixth grade. I am a ten-year-old girl and I live in Texas. I have only one brother. I have a mom and a dad. I have uncles, aunts, and a grandmother. I am an Asian American. My mother is from Thailand and my dad is from Laos, but I was born in the USA. I have no pets.
The climate in the summer time in Thailand is very hot. It's hotter than Texas. Thailand has high humidity. Thailand does not have fall season. The climate in the wintertime is cold in the morning, and warm in the afternoon. Thailand does not have spring season. Most of the people in Thailand are mostly nice. Some of the people are also mean. Thailand has sports you can play like: basketball, volley ball, badminton, soccer, softball, tennis, karate, tae kwon do and a lot more. Thailand has no football and no winter sports. Thailand has Thai music and American music. Thailand has Thai beer and Thai drinks. Thailand used to belong to France. Thailand celebrates all the holidays in the USA. They also celebrate a Thai New Year. It's the second week of April. On the Thai New Year the Thai people throw water at each other after they go to the temple. The temple is like church. Thailand's custom is to take off your shoes before you enter a temple and your house. Most of the Thai people are Buddhists. Others are Catholics and other religions. A king rules Thailand. For entertainment Thai people listen to music, watch movies, go to the mall, and go to the park. Farmers grow rice. You can mostly see elephants in Thailand. Thailand has tropical plants and tropical trees. There are public and private schools. Both the public and the private schools have to wear uniforms. In one school they learn pre-k to high school things. Thailand's monks wear yellow robes, and women and girls can't go anywhere near them. If you do you will be sinned, but if you get close by accident you won't be sinned. The men and boys can get close to the monks. Thailand is near the equator. Thailand has been known as "land of the free," "land of smiles," and "land of the yellow robes." Thailand has lots of mosquitoes. Thailand is famous for Thai kickboxing. Thailand is also famous for spicy food. You should visit Thailand sometimes.

Hi, my name is Isa. I'm Thai half American. I'm 11 years old. I live in Kho Pangan. It's south of Thailand. It is quite pretty here. I like it.
My school and most of the schools here are two stories. The bottom is made with concrete and up top is wood. My school is very old. It has been here since my dad was a kid. In Thailand you have to go to preschool for 3 years, grade school for 6 years, and high school for 6 years too.
In Thailand there are three climates: cold, rainy, and hot, but where I live there are only 2 climates, hot and rainy.
My favorite holiday is Song Kran in April. It's where you throw water at each other. It's very fun.
The wildlife here in Thailand is mostly gone, but there are still some places you can find it, like national parks.