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By: Silversillen1

I want to write about my home country Sweden! It's a very nice country and I love to live here! When it's winter it's very cold. It can be 1-30 minus but in the summer it can be 10-35 plus!
hh, We have three letters that other countries don't have. They are , , and . They are very important to Sweden because if we didn't have them it would be more like English not Swedish!
Here it is not like the USA or Canada because we don't have like really big buildings. Here we often live in a villa house!
Dogs and cats are very popular animals because almost everyone has them!
Sweden is not so big. We have 9,000,000 people in Sweden and that is very few if you think about Great Britain that has 58,000,000 people.
Here in Sweden we don't have school clothes we have our own clothes!!