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By: Jeremy

Hola! I'm Jeremy Gilbert and I'm writing about Spain. Spanish people took over the Philippines and many other Spanish speaking countries. Ferdinand Magellan came from the Portuguese republic first and then went to Spain because the Spanish people wanted to have a huge empire. Their rivals the Portuguese had trained many great sailors but the king, called a Duke, hated Ferdinand Magellan. Ferdinand was a knight and had the right to kill the king. He left because the king wouldn't give him the money to buy supplies. Many others left as well. They left for Seville, Spain.

I'll teach you some Spanish or Español in Spain

Hola = Hello
Adios = Good Bye
¿Donde esta el bano? = Where is the bathroom?
¡¡Hasta la vista!! = See you another time!!
Amigo = Friend
¡Hasta luego! = Good Bye for now!

And that completes my report on Spain!
Adios Amigo!