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By: Jennifer (rockerbaby)
And: Jin Choung

Hi I'm Jennifer. I am from a country called Korea. Korea's capital is called Seoul. Here at Korea we have wonderful schools, cool neat cozy houses, and a great government. We here are just like America except we speak a different language. We speak Korean. In Korea at night we have beautiful starry nights. To me it's like paradise. For people who love to shop and can't get it done in the afternoon, they can do it at night in Korea. People work day and night. At night we have beautiful lights. We have cool clothes, cool action figures, and cool breezy days like you feel like it's always a perfect day to play outside. Our lunch is free and we have cool shoes that you HAVE to wear inside the school. Other than that you get to walk, bike, or scooter to school. Since the morning in Korea is quite busy you can't take a bus or car to school unless it is a dart bus. That's pretty much it, but you have to do that because your school is like really close to your house in your city. Other than that, since it's a busy city you have mini marts everywhere. Even though you're just 6 years old you can go shopping by yourself, but you can't be below age 6. Anyway, Korea is a great city, and I am proud of it. That's all I have to say about Korea.

Anyung!! Hi, my name is Jin CHOUNG. I would like to add some things about South Korea. Before I talk about my country, Korea, I will talk about myself. I am a 5th grader boy. I love animals and know so much about them. I want to be an animal professor and scientist. I like reading books, playing soccer, watching TV, and playing N 64 and play station. I lived in America for 3 years and now live in a country called South Korea.
I live in the capitol city, Seoul. Korea is the 11th largest trading country. Korea has the world's best internet and the cell phones. Cell phones can be connected with internet, can take pictures and vedeo camera, and have games. The best thing is you can watch movies through cell phones!!!!! The whole world is buying Korean cell phones.
We also have the Liger. Liger's dad is a tiger and his mom is a lion! In Seoul, even though we have good cars, we mostly take a subway to go somewhere. In Korea there are a lot of Korean musical instruments. I play Danso, which is a wind insturment. If you know how to make sound with it, which is very hard usually, you are a 60 percent expert. There is also a special drum, called Jangoo. There even is a beat to say hello with it, but I don't know many things about it because I don't play it. In Korean schools, hospital, shops, movies, and book stores or other things you need in life are mostly close to you. I watched Lord of the Rings 3 and Big Fish with my friends.
We use the solar callender, but we still celabrate the Lunar New Year with our whole family meeting at my grandparent's house, which is a chance of meeting my smart, strong, almost perfect cousin. Koreans have to drink sea weed soup to get one year old. A long time ago Korean boys and men played Korean styled wrestle, Yutnori game that is similar to a board game in which you have to get home first to win, and a Korean top in the lunar new year. As for girls they knit, swing while standing up, and jumping in sea saw things. Now time has changed. My cousin and I play comeputer games.
Korea is also known for Taekwondo, which is a martial arts. I am a red belt in Tae kwon do. You learn tae kwon do for helping weak people, defending yourself, and getting brave. The most important thing is clearing and controlling your mind. Also Korea has rock singers like BEE, Ehori, and English named guy called Seven and Lexy. Korea has long history, not longer than egypt but longer than America. I don't want to bore you. If I am already, sorry!
First there were three countries settled in Korea. It was called 3 country Dynasty. The countries were Gokuruo, the biggest one, also taking some land of China, Bakjae, and Shilla, the smallest. Shilla asked China to get some land of Gokuruo, so Chinese had the big land than Shilla, also took the land of the left land of Gokuruo and then Shilla took Bakjae with help of a famout Kim Useen, General of Sinrla. Then it was called United Shilla. Next Gogurou, which now didn't really exist, except for their people who had a war with United Shilla, won the war and named the country Gory. 100 Years later the then King of Goryu played, was dumb and weak. So another guy stole his place and named the country Josun. This is just rough history of Korea's 5000-year old history and just beginning of it. If you are interested the rest of it, please email me at
In addition, if you are an animal-lover too and want to be a zoologist like me, please email me. We can share a lot of animal stories by email. Thanks!