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By: jedi_knight_2002
and: Leena

Hi, this is my report on Singapore. Singapore is a small country, one of the smallest in the world. Its land area is 682.7 square km, 15000 times smaller than the US! Our economy is okay and is usually stable. It is very peaceful here, although sometimes you may hear the sound of screaming parents. It's usual of course. A parent who doesn't scream is abnormal. We've some nice attractions here. Some call Singapore the Food Heaven. If you are for food, go to Newton Circus Hawker Centre. Others call Singapore the Garden City. The Botanical Garden houses some of most of our beautiful plants. Or head off to the most famous attraction Sentosa, which houses the Merlion and some other interesting things, like the Musical Fountain and Volcano Land. To be honest, I myself have not completed Sentosa! Sentosa is like the Disneyland of Singapore. It might take a few days to complete but it's all worth it. If you're in for roller coaster rides, try the Escape Theme Park, located at the East of Singapore. There're resorts all around too. Indeed it's a wonderful experience to stay in a chalet and have a barbecue. Some other attractions include Haw Par Villa, the Singapore Zoo, Bird Park, Science Centre and Discovery Centre and others which I can't think of. They're all definitely worth seeing. Do visit us.

Here are some interesting facts on Singapore:

    The largest fountain is found at Suntec City.
    About 7 million tourists come to Singapore annually, which is twice the population of Singapore!
    We have a total of 3122km of road. If you stretch all road, it will go from Singapore to Hong Kong!
    We have more short-sighted people than any other country.

Hi! My name is Leena! I'm 11. I'm an Indian and I was born in Singapore. In my school NOBODY likes flag lowering! It's when we have to sing the National Anthem and the school song!
Singapore's a very safe country! There are no tornados or hurricanes! And I'm not that sure but I think that only one earthquake occurred.
Singapore merged with Malaya and some other countries in 1963. Then it seperated. Why? Because there were too many riots in Singapore. AND a Common Market was not set up. Of cause there are other reasons...
Anyway if you go to the Singapore Zoological Gardens, you will see so many different and interesting animals. You can take pictures with snakes and ride the horses too! There are ponies for the younger ones... The Bird Park is cool too! You can see so many birds! Once, a parrot sat on my head and pecked at my spectacles! Another parrot rode a unicycle! It is sort of rare to see these things!
So come to Singapore and visit it! In Sentosa, you can learn more about Singapore's history! And my friends who went to the Botanical Gardens said that they saw a monkey!! Even I have not visited some parts of Singapore! See you there!