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By: Adelia

Hi Iím Adelia! I am going to talk about Russia. In the past, Russia was the country that started the USSR. USSR stands for Union Soviet Socialist Republic. Today Russia is a member of "The Big Five Powers of the UN Security Council." Russia has a great culture with its folksongs and dances. Many people may not know much about that, because several years ago Russia was an isolated country. Russia is no longer an isolated country today.

Fun Facts:

1. Russia is the largest, widest and longest country in the world!

2. They're famous for their stitched cloth and their bread.

3. They have great nuclear reactors and were the first country to produce electricity from a nuclear reactor.

4. One of Russia's famous places is the St. Basil Cathedral. Its dome looks like an onion. If someone didnít know better, they might think it was a colorfully domed mosque!

5. Famous Figure: Yuri Gagarin, an astronaut/cosmonaut.

6. Famous leader of the USSR era: Joseph Stalin.

Thank you for reading my article.