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By: Eugeniu


Romania is a country in the Eastern part of Europe and its capital is Bucharest. Romania spans a total surface of 237,500 square kilometers (roughly 91,800 sq.miles). Picture it to be about the size of Oregon. The official language is Romanian, a language of Latin origin having much in common with the Italian and Spanish. It uses a Latin alphabet. Romanian currency is called "LEU".


Each year, on the first day of March, people wish each other health and happiness and exchange a little charm or decoration tied up with red and white woolen threads; these, they can wear on their cloths, or on their wrist.

Pictures from Romania


Small Romanian Dictionary:

Hello - Salut
one - unu
two - doi
three - trei
four - patru
five - cinci
six - sase
seven - sapte
eight - opt
nine - noua
ten - zece

The Romanian Alphabet:

A a   :   u    sound in fun
A a   :   er    sound in other
  :   e    sound in label
B b   :   b    sound in bat
C c   :   k    sound in kit
D d   :   d    sound in dog
E e   :   e    sound in red
F f   :   f    sound in far
G g   :   g    sound in gap
H h   :   h    sound in loch (aspirated)
I i   :   ee    sound in bee
  :   e    sound in label
J j   :   zh    sound like 's' in treasure
K k   :   k    sound in kit
L l   :   l    sound in lip
M m   :   m    sound in mat
N n   :   n    sound in nut
O o   :   o    sound in hot
P p   :   p    sound in pin
R r   :   r    sound in rat (always rolled)
S s   :   s    sound in sun
S s   :   sh    sound in ship
T t   :   t    sound in top
T t   :   ts    sound in bits
U u   :   u    sound in push
V v   :   v    sound in vat
X x   :   x    sound in box
Z z   :   z    sound in zip
Q q, W w and Y y in foreign words only