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By: Sarah

My name is Sarah, I live in America, and Poland is one of the countries I am studying this year.
Poland is a European country that is located in Central Europe. Its area is almost as large as the American state New Mexico. This fact makes it the 7th to largest country in all Europe.
Poland is full of lakes. There are around 9,000 of them. The country of Poland is mostly flat, yet has some high mountains around the southern borders.
In Poland there are 6 distinct seasons: an early spring, a sunny spring, a warm and rainy summer, a warm autumn, a cool and humid autumn, and a snowy winter.
In Poland's early history a king named Kazimierz III allowed Jewish people who were being persecuted in other European countries to come and settle down in Poland. This is the reason why Poland had so many Jews before World War II. This is one of the reasons why Hitler came and invaded Poland. In response, France and Britain declared war on Germany, which started World War II. By the end of the war the vast Jewish population in Poland had been virtually demolished.
Now there are 38 million people living in Poland. Polish people are some times called Polish or Poles. 97% of the people that live in Poland identify themselves as Poles. The remaining million people are from many different countries, but most of them are from Germany.
One sad thing about Poland is that the birth rates and death rates are around the same per year. Men usually live to 69 years of age, while woman live to 77.
Polish people are serious about family life, manners, and soccer. Poles believe in spending a lot of time with your family. Grandparents staying with their children and grandchildren is not uncommon.
Before you visit Poland you have to learn your Polish manners. The Polish people believe that manners are quite important. Eating and greeting manners are the most important.
Soccer is Poland's favorite sport. Most all popular Internet websites in Poland are either about soccer, or at least have some soccer links attached to them. Of course like all other countries other than America, they call soccer, football.
There are major differences from the city life to the country life in Poland. 60% of Poles live in the city. These people are usually more prosperous, educated, and have much more technology (like Internet access) than those who live in the country. The people that live in the country are usually less educated and always much more poor than those in the city. Some country villages look like they are villages from 100 years ago or more. The homes have thatched roofs. They use horses to plow fields.
Poles usually eat four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an evening snack. The most important meal for the Poles is dinner.