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By: Shaheen and others

Hi everyone! Iím Shaheen. Iím 14 and from Pakistan. I live in Islamabad, which is the capital or Federal City of Pakistan. Islamabad is a very beautiful city. Itís called ďGreen City.Ē

Pakistan has four provinces:

1. Punjab, capital is Lahore.
2. Sindh, capital is Karachi.
3. NWFP (Northern Western Frontier Province), capital is Peshawar.
4. Balochistan, capital is Quetta.

All the four provinces have their own culture and tradition. People from Punjab are called Punjabi. People from Sindh are called Sindhi. People from NWFP are called Pathans or Pukhtoons. People from Balochistan are called Balochi.

Lahore is called the ďHeart of Pakistan.Ē Its food is very delicious. Karachi is called ďThe City Of Lights.Ē Peshawar is called ďThe Second Lights City.Ē Quetta is famous for dry fruits, as it exports a large number of dry fruits to other cities and countries.

Letís learn some words of Urdu language:

Assalamulaikum = hello
Dost = friend
Kaisay hain aap = How are u?
Mai Theek hun = I am fine
Mai khush hun = I am happy

Read the words above with the pronunciation.

Pakistan national dress is Kameez Shalwar. Its national language is Urdu, (a very different and vast language). Its official language is English.

Most of the people think that Pakistanis are not good people but if you meet them then you will come to know that itís not the reality. They do a lot for their guests. Yes some people are bad. That is present everywhere.

Okay thatís enough. I will give more information later. Take Care!


Hi everyone. Iím Eagle from Pakistan. Iím 14. I live in Islamabad; thatís the capital city of Pakistan. Nowadays Pakistan is in very critical condition. Please pray for Pakistani people. Across the world Pakistan is disliked, but itís a very good country. They like to serve their guests. Unfortunately some bad people are destroying Pakistan.

It has four provinces. Every province has its own identity and culture. The northern areas of Pakistan are very beautiful. In the south the province of Sindh is a very historical place. It has a seacoast. Balochistan is famous for dry fruits and minerals. It also has a seacoast. Punjab is an agricultural province. Its food is very famous. N.W.F.P is also an agricultural province. Here dry fruits are also very famous and minerals are also present.

Take care and donít think negatively about any country. Iíll give you more information. Till then bye.

Be a happy person and love others.

Hi! I am Faizan, 12 years old from Karachi, Pakistan. I am just adding a few things to the posts of Shaheen and Eagle. Pakistan is written like this: In Urdu its full name is The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (The transalation of: Islami Jomhuri-ye Pakistan). Pakistan accomplished independence from Britain on August 14th, 1947. Before its independence it was a part of The Sub-Continent, now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The majority of the population is Muslim (96%). Other religions in the minority (4%) that also live here are Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, BahŠ'Ūs and etc. Allah Hafiz

One more thing, Assalamulaikum is not a word it is Assalam o alaikum.