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By: Drew and others

Hi my name is Drew. I live in Norway. Norway is one of the three countries that serve Wale! Norway is one of the five countries that face the Arctic Ocean. Norway is very close to the North Pole. You can take a plane from Norway to the North Pole! You actually can not take a plane to the North Pole from Norway unless it is a private jet. You can take a plane to Tromso. Tromso is the closest you can get to the North Pole from Norway if you are not on a private jet. Some private jets can not even go to the North Pole! In Tromso there are many mountains in the middle of the water. The capital of Norway is Oslo. There are planes to Tromso there. Every year in July for a few weeks the sun never goes down, this is called the midnight sun. This happens in Tromso. Every year at the end of November to the end of January the sun never comes up. This happens in Tromso. I hoped you liked exploring Norway with me!

My name is Sarah, and Norway is one of the countries that I am studying this year in America.

Norway is a beautiful country. It is one of the larger countries in Europe with 100,000 square miles. It is long and skinny, and has many little islands. Norway is full of waterfalls, mountains, and glaciers. Norway is sometimes called "The Land of the Midnight Sun." This is because from May to June the sun never sets from Norway; it is sunny all the time. From November to January the sun never rises; it is dark all the time.

Norway has almost 5 million people. They are proud of their ancestry, the Vikings. The official language in Norway is Norwegian, although most of the people in Norway learn English also. If you are Norwegian you are usually tall, have blond hair, blue eyes, and light colored skin. Most people that live in Norway are quite rich because it is the second richest country in the world. It is also the fifth most expensive country to live in. The fish industry, the manufacturing industry, and the oil industry are the main ways the Norwegians earn their money. The national sport in Norway is skiing. Most Norwegians start learning how to ski once they are able to walk.

Norway's capital and largest city is Oslo. The winter Olympics were held there in 1952. Norway did quite good in the games that year; they got 8 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals.

Hi my name is Bjorn. I’m ten years old and live in Lilongwe, which is in Malawi. I have one sister and one brother whose names are Ola and Anne. I’m from Trondheim, which is in Norway. I will now tell about the Vikings, famous places and places I like to go.

The Vikings who come from Scandinavia explored, traded, and plundered around the world. Harald Harfagre was Norway’s first king. He was a Viking who did the same as other Vikings to become king. Eirik the red is one of Harald Harfagre’s seven sons. He killed five of his brothers and became Norway’s most hated king. Eirik the red explored only around Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland. Eirik the red’s son Leif Ericson was the first one to explore North America. I think the Vikings were not such delightful people to meet, but they were important for the history of Norway.

Norway doesn’t have so many, but does have some very nice famous places. Nidarostomen is in Norway and is the world’s fifth biggest church. Nidarostomen is over 200 years old and has survived 3-4 fires. Nidarostomen was made in memory of king Olav’s death. Nidarostomen is beautiful to visit.

Stiftsgarden is where Norway’s king lived 50 years ago. Stiftsgarden is a big house and now Norway’s king’s visit there for two days to two weeks. Sometimes people can go in and visit. It’s made of wood and stone. The name of the palace where the king lives now is called “Slottet” in Norwegian. Stiftsgarden is a wonderful place and many people will visit.

Bowling1 and go cart are places I like to go to very much. Bowling1 is in a little town named Heimdal (in Norwegian). Bowling1 has bowling, go carts, a video arcade and a big playground with a gigantic foam castle. They also have a café, a pub and an ice cream bar. The last time I went there was when my friend had his tenth birthday. It’s always a really amusing place to go to.

Munkholmen is a place where monks lived 100 years ago. Munkholmen is a little island with a big castle on it. Munkholmen is on a sea named Trondheimsfjorden. Munkholmen is many hundreds of years old and many people visit it.

Kristiansten Fort is a castle Norwegian warriors used for war. Kristiansten Fort is on a little mountain in Trondheim. People used it for war a few hundred years ago. There is a little café there and people visit because of the view. Now it is impossible to use because it was shot down. I have been to Kristiansten Fort just one time.