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By: Kim Jong Seok

North Korea, the greatest nation on earth, is a socialist people's paradise. Here in North Korea we are ruled by the benevolent dear leader Kim Jong Il, however our eternal leader is the late Kim Il Sung. North Korea is also known as the DPRK. This stands for Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Here in the DPRK we have the forth-largest military in the world. It has millions of trained soldiers ready to defeat any aggressor nation. North Korea is also great because it has almost zero crime, unlike many other countries. Everything runs orderly, and we even have a traffic policeman or policewoman at every intersection. Pyongyang our capital is one of the most beautiful cites in the world. It also has the world's tallest hotel. The DPRK also has the world's tallest flagpole. Having such feats of engineering shows our comparatively high living standard in comparison with the rest of the world.