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By: Shachi

I am Shachi Bista. I am 13 years old and live in Nepal. (I think that's enough about me).
Nepal is a wonderful country full of beauty and mystery. Its capital is Kathmandu, the most developed city in Nepal. There are a lot of places you can visit there and lots of things that you can explore. For instance, Mt. Everest, the birthplace of Siddartha Gautam (known as Buddha), and also the place known as the "Switzerland of Asia" Pokhara all lie in Nepal. Some of the heritages of Nepal are stated in this website: World Heritage Sites in Nepal. It's also very rich in its religious side. We have many festivals every month. Festivals almost never end throughout the year. Nepal is also the ONLY Hindu country in the world. Compared to the western calendar system Nepal is very ahead. For instance, if it's 2006 in English date then it's 2063 in Nepali.
We have a typical language that follows the Devnagari script. Languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and etc. are also said to be derived from the same script. Besides Nepali, people also speak lots of other languages in Nepal like Janakpuri, Marwadi, Newari, and etc. Among these, Newari is a language, which sounds almost like Tibetan or Chinese and is widely spoken in the Kathmandu valley. It's estimated that there are more than 5,000 temples, gods and goddesses in Nepal.
If we peek into Nepal's history around 500 years ago, Nepal was scattered into pieces. It was then that a King named Prithivi Narayan Shah tried to conquer Nepal and make the scattered Nepal united. He did so, but he could not complete it. His son Bahadur Shah (second) had a dream of completing his father's dream, so he conquered most of Nepal. The full page can be found on: Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Nepali script looks something like this(needs UTF-8 enabled):

Nepali script

It has 36 consonants and 16 vowels.

Its numerals look like this:

Nepali numerals