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By: Ramadan4uk

Mongolia is my dad's country. It has a very small airport that you have to pay 15 dollars to get through. My country's capital city is Ulaaan Battrr, pronounced Ulan Bator. My country is fairly isolated because half of the motorways are unfinished or damaged. Mongolia is a simple chronically poor country, which gained its independence from Communist China on our public holiday, called Revolution Day June 11th. Not many people know of Mongolia but when they think of it they immediately think Genghis Khan. This man was a great leader of the Mongolian people. His empire stretched from Moscow to Malaysia and from Korea to Basra (Iraq). This great Mongolian period was from 1013 until the 12th century. His successors had great dominions (Khanite of the Golden Horde) and (Kingdom of the Khan). Modern Mongolia started after World War two. The Soviet Union funded Mongolian Communism but once the Soviet Union collapsed 75% of our economy disappeared overnight. Our country then suffered when Communism kept coming and going.