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By: Taina

Hi! My name is Taina (I have also written a report on Puerto Rico, where I live). I go to a private school where I speak Spanish, English and French. I have a mixed ethnic background (Spanish/Puerto Rican, Haitian and Bolivian). I am writing a report on Mexico.
Mexico is situated in Middle America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the gulf of Mexico. It is between Belize and the U.S. It also borders the North Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and the U.S. It is slightly less than 3 times the size of Texas, America. Mexico has a coastline of 9,330km. Mexico's climate varies. In some areas it has a tropical climate, others it has desert-like climate. The lowest point in Mexico is the Laguna Salad - 10m. The highest is the Volcan Pico de Orizaba - 5,700m.
There are lots of natural resources in Mexico, here are just a few - petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas, and timber. Natural hazards also occur in Mexico, in fact, they occur a lot. There are tsunamis along the Pacific coast, volcanoes and destructive earthquakes in the center and south and hurricanes on the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean coasts.
Eating Mexican food is an adventure and delight. The food in Mexico is a blend of Indian, Spanish and many other cultures. The food ranges from yummy tortillas, frijoles (free-ho-lez - refried beans), molé poblano and sweet chocolate caliente. The food you eat depends on whether you're poor, middle-class or rich.
Interesting Fact: Mexico is one of the world's major grain (corn - maize) growers; the crop is thought to have originated in Mexico.
The population of Mexico is of around about 100,000,000. There are a lot of ethnic groups there - Mestizo (Amerindian - Spanish) 60%, Amerindian or predominantly Amerindian 30%, white 9%, other 1%. Roman Catholicism is nominally the biggest religion in Mexico - 89%, but there's also Protestantism 6% and others 5%. There are probably hundreds of languages spoken in Mexico - Spanish is the official language, there are various Mayan ones and other indigenous languages.
The capital of Mexico is Mexico City and the currency of the country is the Mexican peso (MXN).
If you ever visit Mexico, you will be astounded by everything you see - plants, animals, and the people. Todo para México.