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By: Kalina
and: Jeremy

Hi, there! My name is Kalina and I'm from Skopje, a city in Macedonia. I am 10 years old and I live in the United States now. In Macedonia we write as we read and the word "spelling" has no translation in the dictionary. We use both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Unlike here the primary school is 8 years long and there is no such thing as middle school. The school days start at 7:30 and last for 5 hours until 12:30. Some schools work in two shifts: in the morning and in the afternoon. There are also no school buses and everyone walks to school.
In general people walk a lot in Macedonia. We have no big shopping malls that we have to drive to. There are grocery stores almost on every street. Each neighborhood has its own open market filled with fruit and veggies. The fruit that I like the most is a fig also known as "smokva" in my country. Speaking of veggies, tomatoes and peppers would be the best. However, these veggies are not as good in the winter as in the summer. My favorite food in the winter is stuffed cabbage. I usually drink a lot of yoghurt with that.
My favorite place is Ohrid. Ohrid is a very old city built next to the lake. The lake is one of the deepest in Europe and has a lot of fish. There are many old churches in Ohrid, too. During the 9th century, Saint Clement invented the Cyrillic alphabet there.
My country has a lot of history to share. It was a country of many wars and heroes. One of the famous warriors was Alexander the Great. He rode all the way to India and left many tribes behind. So it would not be wrong if we say that there are still some Macedonians living in India.
"YAO! which means "Ciao!" also know as "Bye!"

My name is Jeremy Gilbert and I'm from Australia. Today I'm writing about the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The reason it has Yugoslav in the name is because Macedonia was owned by Yugoslavia. Macedonia is a small country in the Balkan States of Europe. Its population almost hits the 3,000,000 mark. Macedonia is a war torn country, receiving blows from the First WW and then the Second WW. (WW stands for World War) Macedonia's history is quite interesting. Alexander the Great came from Macedon a kingdom in northern Greece. The kingdom of Macedon took over Greece and the Persian Empire. This country may not be at its best but it is still beautiful.