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By: Patrick

Hi, my name is Patrick. I am writing this to tell you a little about the country of Luxembourg. I do not live in Luxembourg, but it is where my great grandmother was born. Luxembourg is a small county north of France. In Luxembourg they speak three languages, French, German, and a language called Letzburgish. Letzburgish is the everyday language. Most newspapers, ads, signs, ect are in French or German. The population is smaller than New York City, only about 440,000 people. The size of the country is a slight smaller than Rhode Island, which is a small US state. Luxembourg's capital is also called Luxembourg. Luxembourg's government is a democratic government, meaning the people have choices, like the US, UK, France, ect. Luxembourg is one of Europe's leading steel producers. The main religion is Roman Catholic with a small mix of Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, ect. I hope I taught you a little about this little country. Bye.

Hannah sent this in: Hello, my name is Hannah. I live in Luxembourg and I speak Letzbergish at school, but English at home. I like everything about Luxembourg even though we've only lived here for just over a year. Before that we lived in Scotland and before that I was born in Portugal, although my passport is American. My friends here are very nice. They come from all over the world, because about half the families living here have moved here from somewhere else to work. My favorite place to go is a playground in the city center, which is a giant pirate ship with slides, climbing frames, and a lot of water that you can actually play in too! My favorite Luxembourgish foods are Mettwurst (a kind of sausage) and crepes. My dad really likes the Gromperekichelcher, which is potato pancakes. My mom likes the coffee shops. The city is really pretty. You should visit it someday!