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By: Kayla

My name is Kayla and I am in the 8th grade. I am writing this document on behave of me and my brother Zokeh. Our parents are from Liberia and we all live in Texas. We are Liberians by heritage. Here is our story:
The American Colonization Society, organized Dec. 1816–Jan. 1817, at Washington, D.C., transported free blacks from the United States and settled them in Africa. A country was founded called Liberia. The first American colonists settled on the Grain Coast of Africa in 1822. The settlers considered calling the settlement "Liberia" because they came in search of liberty. The capitol city was named Monrovia in honor of the man who financed the exploration - President James Monroe.

Liberia is located on the West Coast of Africa. It is bordered by:

1. Sierra Leone on the West (English Speaking)
2. Guinea to the North (French Speaking)
3. Ivory Coast on the Northeast and East (English Speaking)
4. The Atlantic Ocean on the South

Liberia's tropical climate is hot and humid. The rainy season occurs between May and October. The dry season occurs between November and April.
Mineral resources include iron ore, diamonds, and gold.
The last 2 decades of Liberia's History has been especially hard for Liberians.They have been driven from their homes and separated from their families  by civil war. Liberians have been forced to leave their country in order to stay alive. It has been years after the end of the Liberian Civil War, the destructions of war still continues. All Liberians need is PEACE!