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By: Augcats

My name is Lisa. I am a ten-year-old girl and I live in Texas. I am an Asian American. My mother is from Thailand and my dad is from Laos, but I was born in the USA.
Before I start Thailand and Laos are almost the same. Laos has public and private schools. Private schools are only in big cities like in Vientiane a Laotian city. Public schools are everywhere in the small cities and big cities. Both public and private schools have to wear uniforms. Farmers grow rice, fruits, and vegetables. You can mostly see water buffaloes in Laos. The water buffaloes pull plows for the farmers. A king rules Laos. For entertainment Laotian people listen to music, go dancing, watch movies, and go to the park. Laos and Thailand fought against each other for territory. Half of Thailand belongs to Laos. Laos does not celebrate USA holidays. Laos celebrates Laos New Year. It's the second week of April. The Laos New Year lasts fifteen days straight. During the Laos New Year people throw water at each other after they go to the temple. During the Laos New Year people put sand in your mouth. Also during the Laos New Year people put ashes on your face. Laos's custom is to take off your shoes in the temple and your house. Another Laos custom is to never touch an adult's head. Most of the Laotian people are Buddhists and other religions. The Buddhists wear red, gold, and orange robes. Laos has pop, rock, country, and Laotian music. Laos has Laotian beer, Laotian drinks, and water. In the summertime in Laos it is very hot. It's about one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Laos is hotter than Texas. Laos in the summer time also has high humidity and is very sticky. Laos has no fall and spring season. In the wintertime it is cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. It is about one hundred degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon. Most of the people in Laos are nice and some people are mean. Laos has sports you can play like basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, tennis, ping-pong, swimming, and fishing. Laos has no football, winter sports, softball, or baseball. Laos is near the equator. Laos is famous for spicy food. In Laos soccer is called football. Laos is famous for kickboxing and kung fu. Laos is a poor country but it is beautiful.