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By: Tadashi

Hi! My name is Tadashi. I am living now in Malawi. I am from Japan. I lived in Japan for 4 years, and then I went to Malawi because of my dad's job.

I lived in Tokyo. It was a crowded city because there are many people going to work. When I am in the shops there are many people there. That's why it is very easy to get lost in the crowded places. I walked to school by myself. On weekends I went to shops by using a train. When you know them it's good but if you don't know them it's very bad.

I will tell you about the weather. In Japan it is humid every time after the rain but when itís winter, even if it rains, it isn't humid. In August and October we have a typhoon season. A typhoon is a very strong storm that can break a tree. When we have a strong typhoon we don't go to school. When itís winter there's sometimes snow. When itís summer it is so hot because we have lots of asphalt roads. That's why it's so hot. If you want to go to Japan go in May.