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By: Noni

My name is Noni and I am 15. I am Jamerican because my mom is from Jamaica and my dad is American so you get "Jamerican!" "No problem mon," is a popular slogan for Jamaica. In Jamaica we have festivals. It's a big thing. My family lives in Manchester in Dunham farm, which isn't really a farm.
We go to Christiana to buy food. They have foods such as beef patties, guava, apples, pineapples, bread, beans and all that good stuff. The really cool thing about it is that it's mostly outdoors. People bring what they want to sell and sell it. We do have a pharmacy, grocery, jewelry store and other stuff. The country is actually really good. There are little roadside shops that sell juice, ice cream and almost everything you need. In Jamaica we drive on the left side of the road like they do in England.
All schools wear uniforms. My friend Kahlee goes to Wolmers and she wears a bright blue jumper and white shirt. The difference between American and Jamaican kids is that Jamaican kids understand the meaning of hard work. I'm not saying that American kids don't work hard though. In America if the kids who get straight A's come here, they'll be getting C's and D's because the way we teach is far more advanced. Jodi Palmer a Jamaican who was in the national spelling bee in '98 won. It was a big thing. The U.S. won't let Jamaica in anymore because they said that we're too prepared. In Jamaica we study the whole year for it. In America they cram.
In Jamaica we have beautiful falls. They are called Dunns River Falls. There is a beach right in front of it. It is a beautiful place. Why don't you come visit Jamaica someday? It's the best!