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By: Patrick and Drew

Hi my name is Patrick, I live in the US but my family is part Irish. Ireland is an island west of England. Ireland is famous for their patron saint, St. Patrick. St. Patrick converted the Irish people from their pagan beliefs to Christianity. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by Irish and non-Irish people around the world on March 17. Most people associate shamrocks with Ireland because legend says St. Patrick taught the Irish people about the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit in one person) using a shamrock.
The northern part of Ireland is called Northern Ireland and belongs to the United Kingdom. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. During the days of the Vikings many prisoners where brought to Ireland. During the early 1800s the potato crop in Ireland died and millions of Irish came to the United States. The land in Ireland is mostly green hills. The main religion in Ireland is Roman Catholic with small amounts of Church of Ireland and Protestant. Ireland is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. I hope you learn a bit about this great country.

Hi, my name is Drew and I live in the USA now, but I've been to Ireland 3 times for fairly long periods of time. The languages spoken in Ireland are English and Irish (also known as Gaelic). I have mostly gone to Limerick. There is an ancient castle called King John's Castle in Limerick. It is open to the public so you can see artifacts. There is another castle in Limereick called Bunratty castle. Bunratty is also open to the public. There they play music and serve you food like you are living in medieval times. In Ireland they have something called a "Claddagh Ring." They are rings made out of gold or silver. These rings originated in Claddagh, Galway in Ireland. In Ireland they also have presidents like here in America.