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By: Ceaser

Hi friends! I am Ceaser, an Iraqi from Baghdad. I am 12 years old. I would like through this site to make friends from other world countries. I also would like to talk about the war in my country. Each one of us thinks that our country is the best in the world. I would like to say that Iraq is the best, but unfortunately, the absence of security throughout the last two years doesn't enable me to do so. I really hope that all foreign military forces will leave Iraq soon. I hope to live in peace again with my family and with my neighbors. I want to think of the future. I wish my country were still beautiful. It was very beautiful before, covered with peace. Now it is different. The occupation and the wars have destroyed the country.

My country is located in the middle of the world. If you look at the world map, exactly in Middle East, there is Turkey to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. The history of civilization in my country is around 7000 years old. That means we are one of the oldest civilizations in the history of humanity. (Note from Mike: Iraq is actually the oldest civilization in the world. Everything began in Mesopotamia, which was located where Iraq is today.) Everyone knows about Babylon and also about Ur where the prophet Ibraham, (Abraham in English), was from. My country is very rich. There are large quantities of oil underground, but our people are still poor, with a low education level. Baghdad is the capital of Iraq. Baghdad was built about 1350 years ago by Al-Mansoor, (al-Mansur in English). (Note from Mike: The Islamic calendar differs slightly from the Gregorian calendar, which most English speaking countries use. It was about 762 AD Gregorian.) We hope the American occupation will end. I want to live as all people like to live. I would like to make friends with children and youth in America and Europe, especially with girls. Regards Ceaser.