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By: Jeremy and others

Selamat Pagi! (That's good morning in Indonesian.) My name is Jeremy and this is my fifth report on a country. This report is, as you all should know, on Indonesia Asia's largest Muslim or Islamic nation. Indonesian economy is based on tourism. The language is based on Malay. Indonesia has 203,459,256 (2001est) people. Indonesia's national anthem is called "Indonesia Raya"
Sadly, Indonesia has had a terrorist attack at the Sari Club and Pattes Bar in Bali triggering a large tourism fall, which basically ruins Bali. 204 people died including 84 Australians.

Basic Words

nol = 0
satu = 1
dua = 2
tiga = 3
empat = 4
lima = 5
enam = 6
tujuh = 7
delapan = 8
sembilan = 9
sepuluh = 10

Apa Kabar = How are you?
Baik Baik Saja = I'm fine
Kurang Baik = I'm not felling well
Sekolah Dasar = Elementary School
Sampai jumpa! = Good Bye
Ibu = Mum/mom
Papak = Dad
Perempuam = Sister

This is all I have to say
Sampai Jumpa!!!

My country is Indonesia. Its flag is red and white. Red means the Heroes' blood and white means holy. Heroes are very important in Indonesia, because in 1945 many heroes went to war to get their countries freedom. (Added by Rosa)

Hi! My name is Adelia and I’m an Indonesian. Indonesia has so many cultures and traditional dances. Two of the traditional dances are Kecak (from Bali) and Remo (from East Java). Well, Indonesian dances are beautiful! Another famous thing from Indonesia are Batik and Songket (Knitted cloth from West Sumatra).

We also celebrate holidays that are a little bit different from US holidays.

This is the holidays list:

January 1 = New Year’s Day
February 14 = Valentine’s Day
April 1 = April Fools’ Day
May 1 = Labours' Day
May 2 = Education Day
May 20 = National Movement Day
July 23 = Indonesian Children's Day
August 17 = Independence Day
September 30 = September 30th Movement Day (We call it G30S/PKI in Indonesia.)
November 10 = Heroes Day
December 25 = Christmas