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By: Jessica

Jessica writes about the Honduras. Honduras is in Central America. The capitol is Tegucigalpa. A shocking fact is there is no fast food places there! NOTHING! No McDonald's! Nothing! They still have some good foods there like banana chips and these pretzel shaped desserts that taste like cookies called roscettes. They are the tastiest things I have ever eaten!
There are two seasons in Honduras, the rain season and the dry season. The weather around there is hot when it is winter in the US. It is the rain season when it is summer in the US. When it rains the water is so warm you could take a shower. It is a very beautiful place there.

SpeedRacerSki wrote to say that in the Honduran flag blue stands for the Caribbean sea and Pacific ocean, white stands for pureness, and the 5 stars introduced in 1866 reflect the hope that the 5 states of Central America may once again form an association.

MadelineKat sent this in: Honduras is a small country located in Central America. Its capital is Tegucigalpa. It is bordered by Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador. To the north of Honduras is the Caribbean Sea, and to the northwest is the Gulf of Honduras. To the south, it is bordered by the North Pacific Ocean.


A millennium ago, Honduras was populated by the Mayan people when in 1509 Christopher Columbus explored the country. In 1851, Honduras and four other countries declared their independence from Spain, and formed a federation of Central American states. In 1838, Honduras became independent and there was much civil unrest. This resulted in the occupation of the U.S. Marines. The dictator General Andino established a stronger government in 1932. In 1969, some Honduran landowners shipped several thousand Salvadorians back to El Salvador. This resulted in El Salvador invading Honduras. This war was sometimes called the 'football war' because it started at a soccer match between the two countries. Eventually the Organization of American States forced El Salvador to withdraw. In 1998 Hurricane Mitch killed about 5,600 Hondurans, and cost almost $1billion in damages. It left about 2 million people homeless. Currently, the president of Honduras is Ricardo Maduro, who was elected by promising to reduce crime. So far, his efforts have not succeeded.


Honduran society is mostly rural and poor. The most densely populated area is the Rio Ulua Valley. Honduras has about 46 people living per square kilometer. At the latest estimate in 2005, the population was 6,975,204. 90% of this population is mestizo, while 7% is Amerindian. There is a 2% population of black people, and only 1% is Caucasian. About 73% of the Honduran people live in urban areas.

Language and Religion

The official language of Honduras is Spanish, but there are some Amerindian dialects spoken, and English is mostly used during business. 97% of the country is Roman Catholic. There is an increasing number of Protestants, mostly after the mass destruction of Hurricane Mitch. There are several famous Protestant congregations in Honduras, both in the east and on the Bay Islands.


The literacy rate in Honduras is estimated to be 83.7%. The government has pledged to raise this rate. Before 1957, only the wealthy could afford the private schools. Before then, the private schools were the only schools in the country, because the Honduras did not have a national education system. President Ramon Morales introduced reformation, and began a school construction program. Education in Honduras is free between ages 7 and 12.The National Autonomous University of Honduras is a major higher education school. It is located in Tegucigalpa.


The climate is subtropical in the lowlands and temperate in the mountains. There are two seasons in Honduras. They are the rainy season and the dry season.

Avila sent me this: I saw the page about Honduras. I just went in July and there are fast food restaurants and malls, because I went to visit my grandma in Puerto Cortes and went to La Ceiba. There are malls and Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Church's Chicken, Little Caesars, Burger King and many more.