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By: Eugeniu

Greek Language, language of the people of Greece, embracing the early, Attic, Hellenistic, Byzantine, and modern periods. It is the only member of the Greek subfamily of the Indo-European languages. The language spoken by the people of ancient Greece differs in several respects from the language spoken by present-day Greeks, which is known as Modern Greek. Both Ancient and Modern Greek employ the same alphabet, derived from that of the Phoenicians comprising 24 letters.

The Greek language was in use for centuries before the era of recorded history. Prehistoric peoples who migrated from Central and northern Asia to the more fertile lands to the south settled in various sections of Greece, in each of which a distinct dialect arose; the four main dialects were Arcado-Cyprian, Doric, Aeolic, and Ionic.

Greece has approximately 10,800,000 people in its country. More than 95 percent of Greece's Population is at least nominally Greek Orthodox.

The White Tower is all that remains of a series of walls and towers built by the Ottomans around the city of Thessaloníki, Greece. The tower was originally called the "Bloody Tower," because the Ottomans carried out executions there.

Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece, was founded in the 9th century BC. Many buildings from antiquity still stand in the modern city. The structure pictured here, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, was built in the 2nd century BC by Greek scholar Herodes Atticus. It lies on the southwest slope of the Acropolis.