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By: Henry and Maggie

I am Henry. I am 7. I have a sister that is my twin, but I have 2 sisters. In Djibouti it is hot. It never snows. When it is real hot at night everybody turns on their air conditioners. In Djibouti it is poor. Many many kids are poor. There are some Americans here. Most Americans only stay for 2 years. I go to French school with my sister. I have French friends at school. I swim with whale sharks. I go to the beach. I even go to a lot of different cities. I will tell you the kids that I know here that are American: Henry, Maggie, John, Amos, Sadie, Sofia, and Lucy.

Hi my name is Maggie, the sister of Henry. I live in Djibouti. My dad teaches English. I love to ride a camel. I love to swim. I love to go snorkeling with my mom and my dad. I love to color. At Arta Plage beach there are lots and lots of fish. I have a cat that plays all night and sleeps all morning. There are lots and lots of birds where I live. Every day there are 4 or 5 parrots. It has never snowed in Djibouti.