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By: Jeremy

Nin Hao! My name is Jeremy and I live in Australia. I'm writing about China because my mother's father is from China. Firstly China's full name is The Peoples Republic of China under Mao Tse-Tung's revolution. China is in Asia near the Equator. China's government is Communist, when a country is under communist rule it's a communist state of the world. Many people in China are living under the poverty line.

Chinese History

1. China was once ruled by Emperors
2. The last emperor was in the Qing dynasty
3. China had 24 dynasty periods

Chinese food is very sweet and tasty it's my favorite food. China is a poor but beautiful country you'll love it if you visit China zaijian!

This is Mike. I would also like to add that as of 2003 China is the most populated country in the entire world with 1,286,975,468 people. (2003 C.I.A. world Factbook) Approximately one out of every five people living on this planet live in China.