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By: Jacqueline

Hi my name is Jacqueline and I live in Canada. Canada is a beautiful country. Living here to me is wonderful. I live in a park which is like a little community of its own. My house is a one floor house with three bedrooms that accommodate my family. Here in Canada the landscape is beautiful. Also Canada is the 3rd best country to live in the world. Canada may not be number 1 but who cares. In the winter it is usually cold and in the summer we get temperatures up to 40 degrees C. Canada is located in North America north of the United States. There is different types of music here. I think the two main ones would be pop/alternative and country. Canada now is taking foods from different cultures and trying them out. I think the number one food among Canadians is French Fries. The name may sound a little odd but it is a Canadian food. Some drinks people drink in Canada would be wine/beer, orange juice, and water. The history of Canada goes back many years and I can not recall all of it, but the one thing I never forgot was how the Canadian troops were sent out to fight at Ypres. There was gasses being used and the Canadians figured out how to get out of it. They discovered that if they covered a cloth with urine they could work their way through the gas. The Canadians were heroes to me. Holidays that are celebrated here are Christmas (which is celebrating the birth of Jesus), Easter which (celebrates his rising from the dead), and every one has one a birthday, it is also celebrated. There are many different religious beliefs. Some are Catholics, Baptists, and Mormons. The people in Canada are polite, but not all of them. There are some who are mean. Most people I meet are polite though. The two main languages spoken are English and French. Some other languages would be Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. The main sport played in Canada is hockey. Other sports would be football, baseball, and soccer. Canada is a democratic system, where we can say our opinions. Our Prime Minister is Jean Cretien. For entertainment people usually watch TV or use the computer. My favorite type of entertainment is reading. Most of the agricultural work and farming is done in the prairies. Places like Saskatchewan where the ground is flat. I do not know much about the business world. Here we have some of the most beautiful animals. Animals like bobcats, deer, and many other wild animals. I think the most beautiful animal though is a horse because it is such a faithful animal unless abused. Here in Canada we have mostly evergreen trees, because of the cold weather. There is coniferous trees in warmer climates though. Education here is free until college and university. It doesn't matter who you are you can still go to school. In Canada you can see some of the most beautiful landscapes like the Rocky Mountains. It truly is beautiful even though it is not the best country in the world, it is the best country to me.

Hello, my name is Chris and I live in Ontario, Canada. Here in Canada we have 4 seasons. Most of the people who live here live near the US border. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Canada day, which is on July first. Canada is a democratic nation. which means everyone has the right to vote. Right now our prime minister is Paul martin. Canada has 10 provinces which are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec (which is French almost completely), Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward island, and new Brunswick. The territories are up north and they are big. They are, The Yukon, northwest territories, and Nunavut (the new one).

Here in Canada we have a population of about 32 million and we're rated the 3rd best country. Canada has a wide variety of people, but 2 main languages, English and then a bit of French. EVERYTHING is in French and English. it's annoying. I Hope you've learned something about Canada. I hope you come and visit it, because it's the most beautiful country you'll every see, especially in British Colombia, Alberta, and some of the eastern provinces. We are the 2nd biggest country in the world and share the rocky mountains with America.