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By: Sarah

My name is Sarah. I live in America, but for geography this year I am going over all the countries of Europe. Austria is one of these countries.
Austria is located in Central Europe. It is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery. The mountains are a beautiful sight all year long. For this reason, millions of tourists come to this country each year for its fantastic scenery.
Austria's capital is Vienna. Nine years ago one fifth of Austria's population lived in its capital. Austria's population is over 8 million. Most of the people live in apartment buildings. The people in Austria enjoy food, outdoors, and arts. Many famous composers lived or were born in Austria, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert. Austria is also quite famous for its delicious pastries.

Facts and Ranks

Austria is the seventh cleanest country.

Austria's lowest point is 377 feet above sea level.

Austria's highest point is more than twelve thousand feet above sea level.

Austria is the eighth wealthiest country.

Austria is the eleventh most toured country.