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By: Jeremy and Brodie

Hello, my name is Jeremy Gilbert and I'm from the second largest city in Australia called Melbourne, Victoria. My family is partly Filipino/Chinese and English/French/Scottish/Irish/Gurenzueian. What most Australians argued about is what was the most sportiest city in the world. They came up with two Australian cities Melbourne and Sydney. And Melbourne won!! But more on my country. Australia is a Monarchy (run by a Queen or King) and ours lives in England! Our national sport is Australian Rules football. Australia's main religions are Anglican and Roman Catholic churches. They are all over the nation and are fighting over which is the main religion. Mostly everyone in Melbourne is a Roman Catholic, but no one can agree so we left it to watch and play CRICKET!!! I'm in grade six in 2004 at Plenty Parklands Primary/Elementary School. My mum is from the Philippines and her dad was from China so I'm very multicultural in Australia which is normal to some and abnormal to others. Our shopping malls are different to those like in England and the USA. We call our malls Shopping Centres and our food shops are called Safeways in Victoria and in the rest of the states they are Woolworths, BI-LO, Coles, IGA and AlDI. Our other shops are Target, Kmart, JB HIFI, Brashers, Toys' R' Us, Electronics Boutique and lots more! Australian birds are the smartest in the world yet my budgie was the dumbest in Australia. In 2001 Australia celebrated 100 years of being a country. Well visit my country some time and come to Melbourne. Melbourne is Hosting the 2006 Commonwealth Games. I know you will love it here!

This is Mike. I want to add that Jeremy tells me that when it is summer in the U.S. it is winter in Australia. When it is summer in Australia it is winter in the U.S.. This is also true for spring and fall. All of the seasons are opposite for us. Kinda neat huh?

My name is Brodie and I am 9 years old. I live in Queensland. It is very warm and sunny for most of the year. We have really good beaches with clear blue water and white sand. There has been a drought for a while now so we have water restrictions and we're not allowed to use a hose to water our beautiful garden.
We eat lots of different foods, but we love to have a barbecue with meats and vegetables on the weekends. We all sit on the back deck and all our relatives come over for a swim in the pool.
I like to play soccer, ride my bike, skateboard and I play the guitar.
I love living in Australia, but would love to visit other countries and learn about their culture.