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By: Calum

Hey, my name is Calum and I am going to tell you a little bit about Andorra.
Andorra is a tiny country, which lies in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. It is a principality, which means the heads of state are Princes.
The capital of Andorra is Andorra-la-Vella. This basically means: Andorra the Old.
They officially speak Catalan in Andorra, but French and Spanish are widely understood. Catalan (or CatalÓ) is widely spoken in the Catalyunia region of Spain (where Barcelona is).
There is a pleasant climate in Andorra, with cold winters and dry, sunny summers.
Andorra has two 'princes' - the Bishop of Urgel (in Spain) - who is currently Joan MartÝ Alanis) and the President of France - Jacques Chirac. Both are officially recognized as the Princes of Andorra. They also have a Premier - or President. Just now, Marc FornÚ MolnÚ is Premier.
There are five mountain resorts for skiing and tax-free goods. So lots of people visit Andorra!
They use the Euro for currency. It used to be the Spanish peseta and French franc, but they changed to the euro when Spain and France did.
About 66000 people live in Andorra.
I would love to visit - and will in the future.
Hope you found this useful!