Our World Neighbors

World Neighbors

This is the place to learn all about your friends from other countries. In order for us to learn about each other we all need to do our part and send in information about each of our countries. What kind of information you ask? Well it's simple. Just sit down one day when you're bored and have nothing else to do and write me an email telling all about your country. What kind of stuff should you write about? Well I made a special page just for that purpose. It will help give you some ideas about what to write. Write as much as you can because the more we can learn about each other the better! When you're ready to send in your email, just send it to: mike@kids-online.net and I'll try to get it up as soon as I can. You can see my example page I made by clicking here: My Example Page. As I get your emails the countries that are added will be shown with blue writing below their flag instead of red. The flags with red writing below them need your help! We want all the flags to have blue writing so we can click on them and learn all about each other!

Important: You do NOT have to live in a certain country in order to write about it. While I do prefer that the writer live in the country he or she is writing about, it is NOT required. A person who has lived in a country in the past, whose parents have lived in that country, or who for some other reason have a very good understanding of a country may also send in a report.

Also: You can send in ADDITIONAL information on countries already included in World Places. Just because someone has already written about your country does not mean we can not add more to it! The whole idea here is to get as much information on every country as possible. The more reports on each country the better!

( Click a flag with blue writing to learn about that country. )
( We need everyone to write about their country! )

Afghanistani Flag

Albanian Flag

Algerian Flag

American Samoa Flag

Andorran Flag

Angolan Flag

Anguilla Flag

Antiguan Flag

Argentinian Flag

Armenian Flag

Arubian Flag

Australian Flag

Austrian Flag

Azerbaijani Flag

Bahamanian Flag

Bahranian Flag

Bangladesh Flag

Barbados Flag

Belarus Flag

Belgian Flag

Belize Flag

Benin Flag

Bermuda Flag

Bhutan Flag

Bolivian Flag

Bosnia Herzogovina Flag

Botswana Flag

Brazilian Flag

British Virgin Islands Flag

Brunei Flag

Bulgarian Flag

Burkina Flag

Burundi Flag

Cambodian Flag

Cameroon Flag

Canadian Flag

Cape Verde Flag

Cayman Islands Flag

Central African Republic Flag

Chad Flag

Chilean Flag

Chinese Flag

Christmas Island Flag

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Flag

Colombian Flag

Comoro Islands Flag

Congo Flag

Congo Democratic Republic Flag

Cook Islands Flag

Costa Rican Flag

Cote d'Ivoire Flag

Croatian Flag

Cuban Flag

Cypriot Flag (Cyprus)

Czech Flag

Danish Flag (Denmark)

Djibouti Flag

Dominican Flag

Dominican Republic Flag

Ecuadorian Flag

Egyptian Flag

El Salvadorian Flag

Equatorial Guinea Flag

Eritrean Flag

Estonian Flag

Ethiopian Flag

Falkland Islands Flag

Faroe Islands Flag

Fiji Flag

Finnish Flag

French Flag

French Polynesia Flag

Gabon Flag

Gambian Flag

Georgian Flag

German Flag

Ghana Flag

Gibraltar Flag

Greek Flag

Greenland Flag

Grenada Flag

Guam Flag

Guatemalian Flag

Guernsey Flag

Guinean Flag

Guinea Bissau Flag

Guyana Flag

Haitian Flag

Honduran Flag

Hong Kong Flag

Hungarian Flag

Icelandic Flag

Indian Flag

Indonesian Flag

Iranian Flag

Iraqi Flag

Irish Flag

Isle of Man Flag

Israeli Flag

Italian Flag

Jamaican Flag

Japanese Flag

Jersey Flag

Jordanian Flag

Kazakhstani Flag

Kenyan Flag

Kiribatian Flag

Kosovo Flag

Kurdistani Flag

Kuwaiti Flag

Kyrgyzstan Flag

Laotian Flag

Latvian Flag

Lebanese Flag

Lesotho Flag

Liberian Flag

Libyan Flag

Lichtenstein Flag

Lithuanian Flag

Luxembourg Flag

Macao Flag

Macedonian Flag

Madagascar Flag

Malawi Flag

Malaysian Flag

Maldives Flag

Mali Flag

Maltese Flag

Marshall Islands Flag

Mauritanian Flag

Mauritius Flag

Mayotte Flag

Mexican Flag

Micronesian Flag

Moldova Flag

Monaco Flag

Mongolian Flag

Montenegro Flag

Montserrat Flag

Morocco Flag

Mozambique Flag

Myanmar Flag

Namibia Flag

Nauru Flag

Nepal Flag

Netherlands Flag (Dutch)

Netherlands Antilles Flag

New Caledonia Flag

New Zealand Flag

Nicaraguan Flag

Niger Flag

Nigerian Flag

Niue Flag

Norfolk Island Flag

North Korean Flag

Northern Mariana Islands Flag

Norwegian Flag

Oman Flag

Pakistani Flag

Palau Flag

Palestinian Flag

Panamanian Flag

Papau New Guinea Flag

Paraguayan Flag

Peruvian Flag

Pilipino Flag

Pitcairn Islands Flag

Polish Flag

Portuguese Flag

Puerto Rican Flag

Quatar Flag

Romanian Flag

Russian Flag

Rwandan Flag

Saint Barthélemy Flag

Saint Helena Flag

Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag

Saint Lucia Flag

Saint Martin Flag

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag

Saint Vincent Flag

Samoan Flag

San Marino Flag

Sao Tome and Principe Flag

Saudi Arabian Flag

Senegalese Flag

Serbian Flag

Seychelles Flag

Sierra Leone Flag

Singaporean Flag

Slovakian Flag

Slovenian Flag

Soloman Islands Flag

Somali Flag (Somalia)

South African Flag

South Korean Flag

Spanish Flag

Sri Lanka Flag

Sudanese Flag

Surinam Flag

Svalbard Flag

Swaziland Flag

Swedish Flag

Swiss Flag

Syrian Flag

Taiwanese Flag

Tajikistan Flag

Tanzanian Flag

Thai Flag (Thailand)

Tibetan Flag

Timor-Leste Flag

Togo Flag

Tokelau Flag

Tonga Flag

Trinidad Flag

Tristan da Cunha Flag

Tunisian Flag

Turkish Flag

Turkmenistan Flag

Turks and Caicos Islands Flag

Tuvalu Flag

Ugandan Flag

Ukrainian Flag

United Arab Republic Flag

United Kingdom Flag (British)

United States Flag (America)

US Virgin Islands Flag

Uruguayan Flag

Uzbekistan Flag

Vanuatu Flag

Vatican Flag

Venezuelan Flag

Vietnamese Flag

Wallis and Futuna Islands Flag

Western Sahara Flag

Yemen Flag

Yugoslavian Flag

Zambian Flag

Zimbabwe Flag

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