Tidal Surge


By: Mike Barnard

Many years ago there was an island inside the Bermuda Triangle known as Triland. Three different tribes lived on Triland. The first tribe was called the Know-it-alls. They were known for being very smart. The second tribe was called the Tryers. They were known for trying very hard. The third tribe was called the Just-do-its. They were known for doing everything the quick and easy way. These three tribes had lived together on Triland for thousands of years. Everything had always went ok for the tribes until the day of the Tidal Surge. The elders of each tribe had always spoken of the day Tidal Surge would come. That day was about to happen.

Tidal Surge was a legendary tidal wave that was supposed to hit Triland in two weeks. Tidal Surge would supposedly be five times larger than any other tidal wave that had ever hit Triland before. Each tribe was busy making preparations for its arrival.

The Know-it-alls had moved to the highest ground possible. They wouldn't listen to any of the other tribe's advice because they knew they were the smartest. They didn't want any help from anyone else because they felt the other tribes were inferior. They built a stone fortress atop of the highest mountain on Triland. The fortress was built extremely well and had plenty of food to last them the duration of the storm. Even though the legend says that nothing will withstand Tidal Surge, the Know-it-alls knew better. Being smart had its advantages. The Know-it-alls sat back and laughed at the other tribes. They knew that after the storm they would have the island all to themselves.

The Just-do-its were already prepared for Tidal Surge. They had retreated back into the caves on the island. They thought it was silly to build a fortress like the Know-it-alls. Why go to all that trouble when you could just sit the storm out in a cave? They didn't take any extra food either. They didn't see that there was any reason to store any extra food for just one storm. As the other tribes continued to prepare for Tidal Surge, the Just-do-its relaxed comfortably in the caves. They thought about how silly the other tribes were for doing so much unnecessary work.

The Tryers were handling things a bit differently than the others. They had taken to the water. They knew that the legend said the island would be destroyed so they felt there was no other choice. They were trying to learn how to swim as well as the fish. They knew that the fish usually survived the storms. They spent each day in the water learning how to swim just a little stronger each day.

When the day of Tidal Surge had finally came, everyone was prepared. The sky grew very dark, almost as if it were night. The Tryers had learned to swim so well that they could stay under water for nearly 15 minutes without coming up for air. The Just-do-its were asleep in the caves. The Know-it-alls were looking down from the mountain laughing at the others for being so foolish.

When the first waves of the storm hit, all of the caves on the island were flooded. The Just-do-its were the first to go, drowning in the caves. The Tryers were fighting the heavy under-currents of the storm. Due to their strong swimming abilities, they were doing just fine. Looking out of the fortress, the Know-it-alls could see that the water had a long way to rise before it would ever reach the top of the mountain. They felt safe as they pointed at the Tryers and laughed at them for trying to swim in such a ferocious storm.

When Tidal Surge had finally reached the island. It was like no other wave the tribes had ever seen. The wave looked as if it reached the clouds. The know-it-alls looked up at the wave and were shocked by its size. They gasped in terror and ran and hid in the fortress. The Tryers were equally as shocked. They took a deep breath and swam as deep under water as they could. When the wave hit, the Tryers felt the impact. Its shock propelled them even further underwater. Some of the Tryers were knocked unconscious. Those who were still conscious helped the others to the surface. It took a few minutes for them to swim back up, but since they had learned to adapt to the water so well, it wasn't that hard.

When the Tryers finally surfaced, the island was gone. Tidal Surge had hit with such an impact that it had completely destroyed the entire island. There was no land as far as the eye could see. The Know-it-alls, always relying only on their own advice, had been lost in the storm too. The only tribe to survive Tidal Surge was the Tryers.

As the sky cleared and the tides calmed, the Tryers were left without a home. They had survived Tidal Surge, but what was to become of them now? Since they had adapted so well to the water, could the water become their home? No one really knows for sure, but legend says that the Tryers built a city under the water. Some say the Tryers still live in that city today. They say this city is called Atlantis.

The End