Rupinda Who?

By Brione Turner

"How I wish I were a Pop star!" thought Rupinda. Rupinda was starring at a large poster of Britney Spears, her icon, as she walked through the roads of Chester where she lived. Rupinda Turrell was a girl, 13 years old. Ever since she was a young girl, she always wanted to become a rich and famous Pop celebrity. she even had her own group. They got together every Friday after school and wrote music, and sang. However this was not enough for Rupinda and she wanted more.

As she continued walking home, she saw an AD on a shop window, "Talent Agency in town searching for new musical talent! If interested please call 5884825168 to schedule an audition!". "Thats it!" said Rupinda, "My chance at becoming a Pop star!" She quickly wrote down the phone number on her hand, and dashed home to her shack.

When Rupinda got home, she quickly grabbed her blue sparkly and fluffy phone from her room, and dialed what she had wrote down on her hand, "5884825168." The phone kept ringing for a while until she got an answer, "Heylow, vat vud u vant?" asked the old lady on the other end. "Umm, I was told to call this number if I was interested in audtitioning for the talent search." said Rupinda. "Oh right, anoser von ov thos, just come to 13 Lokpot Court, and vait with zee other eejits. Seeya now." "How rude," thought Rupinda, but oh well. The important thing was she was going to audition, and once they heard her singing talents they were sure to take her in!

She heard her mother call "Dinner's ready. We are having cabbage tonight!" Revolting she thought, and quickly without a sound she krept out the door, and dashed outside, remembering she had to go to 13 Lokpot Court.

She took a short cut through town and in no time she arrived at her destination point. She stood in front of the largest line she had ever seen in her whole entire life! It was as though everyone woke up saying "I want to be famous." "Oh man," thought Rupinda but she took her place in the back of the line. After hours of waiting in line she could finally see a door!

Suddenly she froze right before it was her turn to audition. She heard voices coming from inside. "Oh man, we've done 500 people and we haven't found a single half-talented eejit who knows what music even is. I give up. The next person who walks into that door is the one we choose no matter what! NEXT" This was very weird thought Rupinda but as soon as she walked in prepared to sing for them they said, "AND STOP!

"That was beautiful! Congratulations kid, you are our new young face! We will have a record deal for you on the table by tomorrow." Rupinda was shocked and happy! So what they hadn't heard her singing. That didn't matter! She finally had a shot at doing what she always dreamed to do! Nothing mattered. She signed a few papers and documents then ran home to tell her family the good news.

When she got home it seemed her Mother was more fond of her eating her oh man cabbage. It didn't look liked she believed her. So Rupinda went to tell anyone else in the family who would listen, and they all either laughed or ignored her. "Grrrr, I'll show them all! Tomorrow morning when I start showing my talent they'll all listen then!" Rupinda went to bed.

"YAWN!" Finally the start of the day that would turn her whole life around! No more washing up or hoovering. She got dressed fast, surfed Kids-Online for 3 mins, and headed to 13 Lokpot Court again.

When she got there everyone seemed to be in a hurry, screaming "Yes today, we must have a new cd in stores today!" "Where's that kid?" Rupinda walked in and said "I'm here." They all looked releaved. Then without a word 3 of the people working there, took her and sat her in a car. They all quickly drove somewhere.

Rupinda was told they were going to a recording studio. When they got there they put her in the booth, gave her a script, and said "Sing it!" Just before Rupinda could sing her first note the lady who was listening to her had a call and she needed to step away. Rupinda continued singing the song. By the time the lady came back she seemed frantic, "ARE YOU FINISHED? WE ONLY HAVE 1 HOUR LEFT", "Umm ya, i'm done." said Rupinda.

"IS IT ANY GOOD?" yelled the lady. "I think its great! I always had a good voice." "Ya ya whatever, as long as its half decent we can throw it together and call it an album. That's what Will Young did and look, they've sold millions of albums world wide." retorted the rude lady. She continued, "You can go home now. I gotta go and get this song published and on the air soon!" "Wow!" thought Rupinda, "she didn't even want to listen to it. I must be good."

Rupinda rushed to her friend Yvette's house. She told Yvette the good news and Yvette turned on the radio to radio 1 waiting to hear it. Finally the radio DJ anounced, "And now for a brand new song called Halo Crysta by Rupinda Turrell." Finally the moment Rupinda had been waiting for, her stardom! However things did not go so great. The song started off "Halo Crysta, oooh baby, Halo Crysta, Halo Crysta, oooh baby."

The voice was the worst ever heard! Sort of a screaking rat or chicken. That's all the lyrics said! "Halo Crysta, ooh baby, ugh ugh, ya, Halo Crysta, ooh baby." IT WAS THE MOST PATHETIC GARBAGE EVER HEARD! Rupinda was soo embarassed! The DJ didn't even let the song finish half way before he appologized for putting up such a piece of crap!

Rupinda ran home hoping every one would forget about that but sure enough when she got home the people who recorded her were furious! Screaming, "I hope you die!" then they left. Her whole family was laughing at her as they showed her that her song was also on TV. The song was quickly taken off air after people actually heard it.

Some people stopped at Rupinda's house to beg her never to sing again! She was so embarrased and humiliated she never sang again! For the rest of her life Rupinda confined to herself and found a job rewinding video tapes at Vid E Oh.