The New Girl

By Amy
(Age 12)

11-year-old Jessica breathed in a deep breath as she walked into her new school. She had just moved from Idaho to Colorado. She was nervous, because she had a back brace. Back in her old home, her friends had known her before she had had to have the brace put on, and they accepted her. She was afraid the kids would make fun of her. As she walked in, everyone turned to greet her, then fell silent when they saw her. They started whispering amongst themselves, pointing at her back. Still she walked along, eyes towards the ground, filling up with tears. She wiped them away and went to her class. For the next few weeks, Jessica was isolated from the rest of the kids.

Katie watched as the new girl walked through the front doors. She saw everyone staring at her, and wanted to help her somehow, but what if everyone ignored her, too? What if she lost her friends? She felt guilty, but she held back and left Jessica alone. She was also in the same class as Jessica, and she watched as Jessica went to the farthest seat back. She argued with herself over the weeks of whether she should try and be friends with Jessica. It was a hard one, but finally she came to her decision. One day at lunch, while Jessica was sitting alone at a table, Katie took a deep breath, hesitated, then got up and walked over to Jessica's table. Everyone watched as she sat down with her. The lunchroom was silent. A few people giggled, and Katie turned red, but she didn't move. She took her sandwich out of her lunch box and bit into it, then she said to Jessica, "So, where did you come from?" Jessica, almost too shocked to speak, shakily said "I-Idaho. We moved because my da! d got a job offer." "Oh. So, do you have any pets?" This broke the ice. "Oh, I love animals! We have two cats named Oreo and Biscuit, a dog named Yoshi, and a couple of goldfish. We've had the cats for a while-they're sisters-but we just got Yoshi a month ago. He's a puppy, so he's really hyper. We've had the goldfish for a long time, though. They're Sunshine, Goldy, and Star. Do you have any pets?" she asked. "No," Katie admitted, "But I have two brothers, one's sixteen and one's four." "I don't have any brothers or sisters. Hey would to come over to my house sometime? I live out on Stonybrook Lane." "That's where I live! Sure, I'll come over. How about tonight?" "Okay!" replied Jessica, beaming. Katie glowed inside. Over the next few months, Jessica and Katie became closer than ever, and soon everyone accepted Jessica.


Everyone is now in the tenth grade. Jessica and Katie have just turned sixteen. Jessica now has many friends and a boyfriend. `At the doctor's` "Jessica, today you will be getting your brace off," said the doctor. "Cool," she said, kicking her legs against the doctor table. Her mother looked taken aback. She had expected her to be more excited. The doctor took her into a separate room, and the removal process began. A week later, she was back in school. No one noticed the difference! Jessica was starting to get annoyed. Finally, at lunch, when she went to her full table, she stood up and said "Don't you see a difference?" she spun around. No one said anything. Finally, Katie noticed the difference. "Your brace," she said suddenly. "It's gone!" Many people shrugged and some said "Wow." Then they went back to talking. Jessica smiled, then pulled Katie aside and said "Thanks. Thanks for being my friend."