The Lilymunch Kid

By: Brione Turner

"Right Megan, we'll go through it again so you know what to do and then we'll film it OK?" Megan nodded. She didn't need to be taught again. She already knew the whole thing. She sat down at make-up and thought, two weeks ago she was just another little girl in a long line of snobby little girls. And they picked her... she was, The Lilymunch Kid.

"OK, Megan. Sam's ready, I'm ready are you ready?" Violet leant over her. Again Megan nodded as she followed Violet's bright pink mini-skirt to Camera One. She said hello to Paul who was on Camera One, and Dave who was on Camera Two then lastly, Seanna on Camera Three. She was wearing bright green pajamas with Lilymunch written all over them. She hopped into bed (quilt green with Lilymunch in red letters) and pretended to sleep.

"Annnnnnd Action!" cried Sam. Megan slowly counted 1... 2... then she leapt out of bed smiling and skipped to a kitchen where she poured some Lilymunch cereal. She began to sing:

"Ready for work

Ready for play!

I start my day

The Lilymunch way!"

Then she sat down and ate a spoonful of Lilymunch cereal still smiling.

"Annnnd Cut!" cried Sam. Megan spat out the cereal. "Brilliant Megan, simply brilliant!" he hugged her, "Onto the next scene..." he walked off. As Megan went into make-up and dressing she thought about that big Camera One. How nice it was.

This time she had a school uniform. Only the blouse was green with Lilymunch written on it in red writing. A lady called Sally was playing the teacher.

"Annnnd Action!" cried Sam.

"Children children tell me please, How do you start your day? The cornflake way? The mumpt dumpy way? Tell me, how do you start your day?" Megan raised her hand high. She began to sing.

"Miss Miss I can say

With complete ease in every way,

I start my day

The Lilymunch way!"

Megan turned to the blackboard and wrote 'Lilymunch' on it. Then she smiled and winked at the teacher who was smiling with apparent disbelief.

"Annnnd Cut!" cried Sam, "Megan that was brilliant. And all in one hour! Next scene!!!"

Megan sat in her new outfit. A little red skirt and a green T-shirt with Lilymunch written on it in red. Then Violet came and asked her to rehearse this one, it was jumping on a bouncy castle (green with Lilymunch written on it in red letters) and throwing Lilymunch around. But Megan didn't need to; she knew it off by heart.

Megan did all the scenes in one take. But she was looking tired. And Violet was worried. So she spoke to Megan's mum. "Look. Mrs. Traveski I'm worried about Megan, let her rest... please?" she asked worriedly.

"No way! Megan enjoys this too much. She's going in for the next advert," smiled Mrs. Traveski through gritted teeth, she didn't like Violet, she worried too much.

But two weeks later, Mrs. Traveski too was worried. Megan was acting strange, constantly singing. She couldn't and wouldn't do anything else. So Mrs. Traveski took her to a doctor.


"Hello Megan, ready for your check-up?"

"Yes doctor. Can I go home today?" asked Megan eagerly.

"No, sorry, you must progress, something which you haven't done since you've been here. Even the criminal next door has progressed!" replied the doctor.

So Megan sulked. She was wearing her Lilymunch pajamas. She changed into her red skirt and green top with Lilymunch written on it in red. When she had come to the hospital she had refused to wear anything but them. So when they took them away she wandered around naked searching for them in her small cell.

Today, as usual Megan was being awkward. So the doctor started being simple.

"Megan, what's your name?"

"The Lilymunch Kid!" she cried out almost instantly.

"No, remember. It's Megan Traveski. Can you say that?"

"Megan Traveski," she chanted.

"That's your name."

"NO! NO, NO, NO! I'M THE LILYMUNCH KID. NOT MEGAN TRAVESKI. LILYMUNCH!!!" she yelled. So the doctor left.

She tried to get out but she couldn't as the doctor locked the door and watched her through the window he shook his head and sighed.

"Such a nasty thing to happen to such a nice girl. TV commercials these days, so hard on the young mind," As he walked off a couple visiting their friend noticed Megan through the window in the door. The woman stopped and pointed. "Hey Mikey, isn't that the Lilymunch Kid?" she asked.

"No Kathryn, that Kid was full of life and stuff. That kid must be a fan, she's half-dead," And so, the couple walked on.