Kitten Likky

By Brione Turner

Hi, I'm Likky. I'm a little kitten! I live in a BIG house with my owners. There are lots of people in the house. I can't count but there are lots. My mum says that the big wrinkly one that looks like a deflated balloon was there when Mum was a kitten. I'm not alone here either. I have a brother called Toki and a sister called Margey.

The youngest member of the house is really small. It cries a lot. When it moves it tries to grab my tail, so I generally stay out of itís way. I heard the other people calling it Georgia. Mum says Georgia is a girlís name so it must be a girl. It cries so much that I'm really sick of it! Mum says she can't wait until it grows itís teeth. What are teeth?

The second youngest is a little boy. I know that because he has short hair and always wears boyís clothes and also because mum says that Elias (that's his name) is a boyís name. Mum says when we are old enough, we get taken to somewhere else. Is that what will happen to Elias? I hope so, because he is the same as Georgia. Mum says Elias is four, Mum can count.

Then there is Kimberly. She's nicest. If she has to go away then I'll be sad because she lets me sleep on her bed on her feet and she feeds me and she cuddles me in the mornings. She found me a mouse once and I gave it to mum. Mum thought it was nice and we tried to eat it for dinner, but it was filled with fluffy white stuff. Mum says it must have been old. Mum also says that Kimberly is nine. I think that's quite old.

There is a lady called Mum and a man called Dad. I don't know how old they are. They clothe and feed Georgia, Elias and Kimberly. Mum says that they are called Parents. The Mum often puts a funny shaped thing into Georgia's mouth and lets her drink the white stuff inside. I think its called milk and it's in a bottle. The Dad always wears a tie and talks about going fishing.

Lastly is the wrinkly one. Her name is Granny. She has these white and red things she puts in her mouth. She wears glasses and when she sees me she says 'Oh hello chuck!' but my name is Likky, not chuck so I get confused. She lets me have treats and she lets me sleep on her lap so she's not all that bad, but she has this clinging smell of powder so when I come back Mum says 'You've been sleeping on Granny's lap haven't you?'

Mum knows everything. If I have a problem then Mum always knows the answer. Mum's the best; I've known her all my life. She can tell me things. Mum is gray and she sits in her basket all the time and only comes out at dinnertime.

One day, these strange people came in the house. When Kimberly answered the door she said 'Hello Nancy, hello Drew.' She was holding me and then the one called Nancy looked at me and said 'Aww! Is this one of them?' Kimberly said yes and Nancy picked me up, and handed me to a girl like Kimberly. 'Here you go Celie do you like this one?' The girl called Celie nodded and squeezed me so I could hardly breathe.

'How much is it?' said the Drew. Kimberly said, 'five pounds.' I was confused and I wanted to see mum, but when I struggled Celie just held me tighter. I was scared. 'Is it male or female and what's its name?' said Celie. Kimberly replied 'His name is Likky.' Then she closed the door and left me all alone with these people who took me in their car and drove me home, but not to my home.

Celie put me down on the floor. I looked around. There was a kitty littler box like last time in the corner and a bowl for food and water as well. I wanted to ask mum what the letters said on the side but Mum wasn't there. I saw a big table and four chairs. I wondered why there were more chairs than people. I soon found out. 'Waaaaa!' I knew what it was straight away.

Nancy ran up the stairs and Celie picked me up and followed. As she took me through the living room I noticed it was exactly the same as the one at my old house. Celie took me into a room where there was a big cot and Nancy was holding a thing that looked like Georgia. She was feeding it with the same stuff too. It was like Celie could read my mind because she said in my ear 'That's Leslie, my baby sister. Come and see my room.' So she took me into a room. It was like Kimberly's but there were two beds instead of one.

Celie pointed to a bed. 'That's mine.' Then she pointed to the other one. 'And that's Isobel's.' She put me on the end of the bed and let me pad around. I noticed the gap between the beds wasn't that big, so I leapt, and then I fell right beside it. I was annoyed, so Celie lifted me up and made me fly across. Kimberly would do that with the chairs.


It's been ages here and Leslie seems more like Georgia every day. (Bad luck for my tail). I've explored the garden and made friends with the Hamster whose name is Fig. I've also been able to watch other Kittens on TV but I'm not a Kitten anymore. I'm a cat and guess what? I'm not alone anymore! I have my own kittens. They're lovely and their father is the handsome Dougel from next door. I have five kittens, Lavender, Locks, Lily, Larren and Luca. Celie and Isobel named them. I realize now that I can read and that I'm probably just like Mum to my darling kittens.

I have to keep an eye on Larren and Luca 24-7 because they like to sneak away and be naughty, but my girls are all fine. I've told them all about my life and about how I moved. I've told them to be alert at all times, ready to move away, but guess what! Some people moved in next door. Their names are Georgia, Elias, Kimberly, Mum, Dad and Granny. They have a cat called Mum who used to have three kittens but now has another four called Charlotte, Carmen, Clark and Chriss.

It's Mum! She's ever so pleased to see me and so is Kimberly. I go round there a lot. Mum and Kimberly come round here a lot. Kimberly and Celie have decided to share me, so I can sleep on both of their beds. This is the best life ever!!! Oh, it's a catís life...

The End