Ethan J. Lincoln III


By: Justine

Just like every night, the lights went out in the Fred-X storage room; and just like every night, Ethan sat in the corner.

Ethan was an average sized box with an average square shape. He didn't actually know that he was average because he had seen other boxes. That was just what his label said. Ethan was never social with other boxes. Of course he never had the chance to be since he had lived alone in the Fred-X storage room.

And so another long lonely night began in the storage room. The room was dark, silent, and very still. Since boxes obviously don't sleep, this was very boring for Ethan.

Ethan spent nearly all of his time thinking. He thought of what he was doing now, what he had done yesterday, and what he will do tomorrow. These were often all the same things, sitting, thinking and thinking while he was sitting.

It was very hard for Ethan to imagine anything but what was in front of him. He had lived in this storage room all his life. He had never known anything but gray walls, a cement floor, and himself. It was very hard to imagine himself or the world, which was this room, any other way.

Ethan was very sad that he could not ever think of his life as being any other way. This disappointed him very much. Ethan's life was dull. He had nothing to look forward to, nothing to marvel at, and nothing to do. Ethan could not do anything. He really could not understand the meaning of doing something. In order to know what doing is, you have to do something yourself.

Ethan decided he had no hope. The room would always be the room; and all there would ever be was the room. He would always be himself. That was all there was to it.

After a long night, the lights always came on at 6 am. That was always the highlight of the past 24 hours, even though turning on the lights was not very exciting. That's how bored he was. After the lights went on it usually went back to the normal boringness, except for the lights being on. But this time was different. Something happened that had never happened before.

Ethan saw the towering black double doors swing open. Through the doors spilled tons of colors. Colors were new to Ethan. He had always been a black box, the walls were gray, and the floor was a smooth gray. It was like a whole new world out there, full of possibilities.

A young human girl walked in. She laughed a lot and wore a rainbow scarf, an orange blouse, blue jeans and socks that were pink and went well above her sneakers. Her glossy brown hair was up in a high ponytail. She had personality. The girl was an employee at Fred-X. She headed for a black clipboard in the opposite corner of the room. She picked it up, walked out, and she was gone.

Ethan had so many ideas running through his head. He had just seen the other side of the door. It was amazing! He was so happy to know that there was something else, something exciting out there. Yet sadness crept into his mind again as he realized the door was shut and it may never open again. It was almost worse knowing that there was something better out there that he would never be able to reach.

So once again the room was gray walls, a cement floor, and himself. This time it was a little different though. Ethan had seen the teenaged girl. He had seen personality. He wanted to be happy and colorful. Ethan wanted to tell himself that it was impossible for him to have a personality, because it was so hard, but he knew that one day he would be someone.

Ethan was so determined. He spent the day looking inside himself for some kind of happiness, joy, or creativity. He knew that everyday he would search until he found it.

He reached inside of his boxy and spacious self again. He felt something. Could this be it? Quickly and hopefully he pulled it out. There it was. Shining in the dark room was a colorful boutonniere. The color of the flower pin was amazing against the darkness of the room. Ethan gasped. This was the first time he had felt happy without having some kind of sadness behind it.

Ethan put on the pin right where everyone, if he sees anyone, could see. It was like pride was exploding inside of him. He had found what was inside of him. Now the world could see it.

The door swung open again. The employee came in. Her personality was cheery and obvious, but Ethan wasn't jealous anymore. He beamed at her, feeling as though he and she were at equal happiness.

The girl spun around facing Ethan. Skipping, she came to him and picked him up. Ethan almost cried in joy. The ride was very bouncy. They got to the door. She pushed it open. As they entered the outside world, she slapped a nice white decorative tie on him. Blinding colors were everywhere, but Ethan was too happy to complain. He was in a new world.

The End