Ghosts In The Family


By: Plutop

"They are still cleaning up after the plane crash from a week ago, it said so on the news," Marsha Bloom told her friend Holly Rudd. It was a pretty day in May; in fact, it was the last day of school for Marsha and Holly. "I hear everyone aboard was killed!" replied Holly. Marsha sat slowly chewing her last school lunch of the year. Marsha was a pretty fifteen-year-old with long light brown hair and eyes the color of the ocean. She was skinny and her skin as white as snow. Her friend Holly was quite different. She was plump with tan skin, green eyes, and hair dyed blue. The two girls had been friends for three years.

Marsha silently watched the kids at other tables. They were all laughing and cheering. Just then Holly flicked a pea at her. Marsha almost jumped. Holly and Marsha now joined in laughing. The bell rang and everyone rushed to dump their trays. Marsha and Holly waited for the line to get smaller and then they walked to the dump buckets.

After recess and a short awards ceremony, the students exchanged good-byes and they all went home. Marsha's mother picked her up and drove her to their little farm. Mr. Bloom was waiting for them. He hugged his daughter and told her to go search for Pep, their horse who jumped a fence and was in the cow pasture. Marsha changed clothes and went to look for the horse. She was deep in the pasture when suddenly a young boy appeared. Marsha called to him. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" He seemed surprised. "You can see me? Um . . . Can you hear me?" he asked her hopefully. "Why couldn't I? Are you feeling OK?" she replied, suddenly feeling sorry for the boy. "I'm dead. I feel nothing," he said, gritting his teeth.


Marsha soon learned that the boy was Greg Patterson and he had died in the plane crash. He and his brother Jay were now both ghosts and for some reason Marsha could see them and hear them, but not feel them.

Later, after Marsha left the woods with Greg, they met up with Jay. Marsha and Greg found a note saying that Mr. and Mrs. Bloom had gone to town. They walked into the living room and suddenly a radio clicked on in Marsha's room. They ran to the radio and there they met Jay. He was wearing underwear on his head, and dancing. "Hey brother! Doesn't being a ghost rock? No rules!" he shouted proudly. "She can see us," said Greg. "You mean, she isn't scared that her underwear is floating? She sees the head upon which it lies?" Jay replied in disbelief. "Indeed, I do," Marsha said, grabbing her underwear. "Stupid girl, stupid brother. I'll show them who is in control," chuckled Jay once the other 2 had left. "He is bad news, Marsha," said Greg as he ran off into the pasture. Marsha's parents were home. As soon as they walked in there was a crash and the vacuum fell over. Marsha saw what really happened though. Jay had pushed it. As the day went on things flew, fell, broke and banged. However, Mr. and Mrs. Bloom didn't suspect a thing.

For the next few days Marsha and Greg tried to reason with Jay but nothing worked. Jay pulled chairs out from under people, made things fall on them, and just scared them. The Bloom family was all bruised and beaten.


Marsha didn't let Jay know she was sad or in pain. Jay wanted to hurt her by hurting her and her family. She had to make him believe he had failed.

The next day was horrible. Marsha was just sitting by the stove stirring her soup and suddenly Jay grabbed her chair and she fell. As if that wasn't enough, he grabbed the hot soup and threw it on her. She was still able to fake that she was fine, but really she hurt all over.

Jay was mad, mad as possible. He had pulled every trick and every chair. Why didn't Marsha suffer?

That first day when Marsha met Greg, she called Holly and told her. Holly didn't believe her. Lately when Marsha called Holly, she started to cry in the middle of talking. Because of this, Holly started to believe Marsha. Marsha couldn't tell her parents about Jay because they might freak out and everything would go wrong. They might even try to get rid of Greg.

The next day, Jay told Marsha she was boring. He also told her what a foolish family she had. Then after his complaints, he left. He was never seen again by Marsha or Greg and he never bothered the Blooms again.


One Sunday in July, Marsha went to the pasture to see Greg. She did this everyday but this day was different. She told Greg to follow her. They walked for a long time and finally reached a cliff. "Where are we? What are we doing?" asked Greg. "We are not on your property anymore," added Greg quickly. "Greg, you are my friend. Don't you trust me?" Marsha replied. "I don't like my life. Everything goes wrong. It is so hectic," sighed Marsha. Greg sat in silence. "You are the only thing I live for," said Marsha in a calm quiet voice. "You may think what I'm about to do is crazy or stupid..." Marsha spoke in a scared yet joyful voice. "I want to join you." said Marsha, and with that, she ran off the cliff and fell to the rocks far below. Marsha Bloom was now a ghost.

The End