By Polo

Lilly and Billy were twins and they lived a happy life together in their house with their Mother, Father and baby sister Tabbather. Now, their house was special, and it was special because it was a) so big and b) so old. But it didnít matter that the house was old, because Lilly and Billyís Mother had made the house very modern. They had put; lifts instead of stairs, laminate flooring, egg chairs, inflatable sofaís and clocks, (in fact, the one Grandfather clock was a huge orange inflatable thing!), but, there was one problem with the house. Over the years, the many people who lived in it had all died at the age of 41.

Now it was either a natural death or a murder. The natural deaths were what occurred the most, but in 1967 and 1921 murders had been suspected, with a dagger through the heart and a slit through the throat. All the natural deaths had been of a strange sort, but all the same. The person would get ill before their birthday with headaches, wheezy throats, and coughs, and then, unfortunately, would die on their birthday. It was always when the clock struck 6 oíclock.

All the people of the town believed it was a curse. They thought it went like this; There was a being up the loft, (nobody knew what this being could be) and it had cursed the house so that anyone who lived upon that land should die by the time theyíre 41. If, theyíre not dead before 41, the curse shall kill them on their 41st birthday. If the curse failed in killing the human, then the being from the loft should come down and kill the human with a slit in the throat and dagger in the heart. This is what the people believed and this is what the humans who entered the house thought. Some people werenít warned when they entered the house, some people loved the house too much to move, some people didnít believe the curse, and some people moved the day before their 41st birthday.

Billy and Lillyís Father was awaiting his 41st birthday. The family had been warned of the curse and still didnít believe it, so they stayed in the house. When his 41st birthday came, Billy and Lilly, who believed the curse, tried to protect their Father. Ugine, the Father, thought they were being stupid, and said he didnít need protecting. Angie, the Mother, agreed.

"Stop being so silly!" She snapped when Ugine had tripped over Billy and Lilly who were trying to protect him by crawling around his ankles. "There is not a curse on this house! I refuse to believe it until I see it!" Ugine nodded, and looked at the children.

"But Dad! Mum!" Billy protested, "Weíre only trying to protect you Dad from the curse. We donít want you to die."

Lilly began to cry. "Dad," She wept, "Dad! We love you! Please just leave the house! Please!"

He sighed, "No, kids, as much as you believe this, you canít be scared! Thereís no such thing as curses! Iím not leaving the house. Anyway, if I do die, Iíll die knowing you love me." He kissed the kids on the foreheads. "The same goes to you Tabbatha." And he kissed her too. Tabbatha just giggled and dribbled. "Now come on, which one of these is from you?" He asked referring to the presents, "Hmm?"

The kids smiled. "This one." Came Billyís reply. And the family enjoyed the rest of the day.

When 6 oíclock came the whole family had forgotten about the curse, and Billy and Lilly were up in their room and Angie was in the kitchen clearing away from dinner. Ugine was in the sitting room watching some television.

Suddenly, Ugine saw a shadow on the wall. It was tall and had a dagger and a knife in its hands. As he turned around he saw a huge man (or woman) in a long black cloak. They were wearing a black cowboy hat that cast a shadow over the face so that you couldnít see anything. Ugine didnít want to.

Suddenly the being swooped the knife at Ugineís throat. The thing was very good at being quiet so the rest of the family couldnít hear a thing. As the knife passed Ugineís throat without cutting him, he pulled it out of the hand. He ran to the other end of the room and then swung the knife at the thingís belly. It cut a large rip in the clock and now Ugine could see some flesh through it. He tried to get that. Now the thing dropped the dagger and clutched his tummy.

"You canít get me that easily!" He (or she) mumbled and picked up the dagger again.

It was all over as quick as a flash. Iíll spare all the gory details. The being lay there, spread on the floor. There was blood gushing from itís body.

"What have I done?" Ugine hissed.

Angie came into the room. "Are you ready for supper? I know weíve just had tea but..."

Ugine interrupted her, "Canít you see what Iíve done?"

"Honey!" She whined. "Why have you got a knife and a dagger?"

Ugine looked up from the being. "Canít you see that?" He said, pointing to the thing.

"See what?" She looked down.

"Thatís right!" He said. "The being is only seen to one who is being hunted or hurt by it." He explained to Angie and the kids what he had just done.

"Dad!" Screamed Billy. "Youíve killed the curse! Donít you remember? The people of the town warned us, ĎThe curse can only be broken by the person it is trying to defeat killing it!í Youíve killed the curse!"

The family celebrated and ran outside to tell the whole town. The day after the town had a huge party to celebrate a) Ugineís birthday and b) the killing of the curse. Everyone was so happy especially Angie who didnít now have to worry about her 41st a few years later. ;)

The End