Brave Amy


By: Simrun B. (CompGirl)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Amy. She was 4 years old and very, very lonely. She was an only child and there were no other children in her small neighborhood.

One day she was quite bored. She had finished playing with her dolls and skipping rope outside. She asked her mother if she could go to the attic. The attic was very musty and old. No one, not even her parents had been up there for about 3 years. Her mother said yes. She also said that Amy could clean it, for Amy loved to clean things up, odd as it may sound. So Amy went up the long flight of stairs, huffing for breath.

When she saw the attic she gasped. It was a little dusty, but what surprised her most was the unique gold trunk. The trunk had a rose painted on it and sunflowers on the sides. Amy found a key on the floor. She opened the trunk. "WHOA!" shouted Amy. The trunk had opened easily, but what was inside surprised Amy the most. It was a toy castle probably 4 inches smaller than Amy. Amy touched it and felt the smooth worn brick of the castle. She felt a spinning whirring sensation as she felt it.

She was drawn into another world. Now she was a princess with shining red hair so unlike her thick curly brown hair. Suddenly she heard a sound. She spun around and saw a large man with a blond beard lunge toward her. He tried to punch her, but she grabbed a silver sword next to her. Grandfather had taught her a bit of swordplay so she knew a bit. When he looked the other way she cut his shoulder. "The little rat cut me! SHE cut me!" the ugly soldier shouted. His shouts echoed through the corridor of the large brick castle. Trudy, the maid, came running. "God help us! Aughh!" Trudy shouted. Trudy ordered the man to leave before Amy cut out his heart. He left grumbling and wincing the entire way.

Trudy handed Amy a small oval mirror. "Amy, go to the toilet room and clean up a bit," Trudy said. Amy went. She looked through the mirror and *POOF* she was gone.

Amy arrived back at home in a daze. One thing was for certain; she would never be bored again!

The End