Kids Online Rules

Using the bulletin boards, chat rooms, and other services at Kids Online is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. To prevent loosing your privilege, you must observe the following rules at all times.

1. The Kids Club is for kids only! Kids under 13 must have their parent's permission to join! Nobody over 17 is allowed to be in the Kids Club!
2. You must NOT harass others in any shape form or fashion for any reason.
3. You must NOT use any type of fowl or inappropriate language in any shape form or fashion for any reason.
4. Any form of racial, cultural, or ethnic disrespect will NOT be tolerated for any reason.
5. You may discuss religion and/or politics, but when doing so you MUST respect the beliefs of others and refrain from derogatory remarks or insults.
6. Spamming or flooding the boards with blank, repetitive, or nonsense messages is not permitted.

If you have questions about any of the above rules or for some reason do not understand them completely, please have someone explain them to you so that you do understand them. If you feel someone is violating any of the above rules, please email me at:

Thanks, Mike