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My name is Mike
Kids Online 15 Year Anniversary
15 Years Online!
Kids Online officially became a website on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1999. We have been here non-stop ever since. My original plan was to create a website where children could come and learn about computers and the Internet. Since 1999 Kids Online has become MUCH more than I ever imagined! Just look around! We have everything from poetry to our own time machine! This site is HUGE! Some people say it takes days to go through and explore everything. Our site has been published in several books and has won many awards. At the beginning of 2005 we had over 18,400 Kids Club members!
There are many places for adults to interact online. I feel kids should have one too! The last time I updated our links page it was sad to see all of the kid sites that had closed over the last few years. Too many sites are abandoning our kids! I get a bit lazy sometimes myself, but I have never lost the desire to keep this site going! It is important for children to know that there will always be one place online that they can count on!
Kids Online does NOT charge for anything. Everything you find on this website is free for your enjoyment. You won't find ads, or annoying pop-ups at Kids Online either. Many of the things you will find here came from the ideas children have sent in.
Rumor has it that some adults do not like our graphics... Well I am sorry but this site is for KIDS!!! Kids Online has been and always will be dedicated to children, helping them build the best educational and most enjoyable website possible!

Your Friend, Mike

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