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So you want your own email address, right? Well I guess you do, otherwise why would you be here? :-) First of all, there are many regulations regarding children under 13. It is very important that wherever you choose to have your email, you read their rules and make sure it is ok. You are probably going to need your parent's permission if you are under 13. They may even have to set up an account for you themselves. PLEASE discuss this with them before continuing!

Our Kids Online - Kids Club has an email service, but it is handled by another site called zzn.com. I am not even sure what all of the rules are because they change from time to time. I do know that you must have your parent's permission or be over 13 to belong to the Kids Club. It's not my rule. I don't even like it, but it's what the government has decided is best. They enforce it strictly, especially on sites like ours. We have to go by these rules or else they could close our site. Anyway, let me list a few places that offer free email accounts. Remember that we have a free email account in our Kids Club through zzn.com, but you must be a member of the club in order to use it.

Free Email Service Providers

Google Gmail

These are just a few of the providers. Feel free to choose any of these that you want. I will suggest Yahoo, because I am familair with it. It has a great spam filtering program and doesn't have lots of advertisements. LissaMail and Gmail also claim to have few ads and good spam filtering. You may want to check those out as well. Remember to read their rules to find out if you need your parent's permission.

When you register for an email account there should be somewhere to click that says "sign up", "register", "New User", or something like that to start the process. The first thing you will probably find is an agreement that would take 10 lawyers a month to read! Scan over it and pay close attention to anything about age or parental consent. If everything is ok click "I accept" to continue. I will now try to explain the typical registration process. Keep in mind that this may vary from email provider to email provider.

First you will probably see "Choose a login name." Make up anything you want. You can be barbie222, gijoeforce, superdude, cool_lady, or anything else you decide. Hopefully no one else has picked the same name before you or you will have to choose a different one.

Next choose a password. I suggest 4 numbers and 4 letters at least. Make it something you can remember, but that will be hard for someone else to find out. Write it down along with your login name. Passwords like: 9876shoe, trip3223, at5432to, or anything like these are ok. The combination of letters and numbers make it much harder for someone to hack into your email account. You may have to retype your password so that it can be compared with the first one you typed to be sure they are the same and you didn't make a mistake.

You will probably be asked to enter your first and last name. Remember what I always say about that! NEVER GIVE YOUR REAL NAME! If you are under 13 and have to send a parental consent form in, you may be required to give your name. This is the ONLY case where you would give your name. Your parents would be aware of it and you should be certain that the website is a reputable and well established site. Do not give them any more information than is necessary to meet their requirements. In any other case, never use your real name. It's none of their business. Choose something like Princess Leah or Jungle Warrior.

You will probably also be asked for your address. Do not give your real address! Make up something. Sometimes they will check to see if the location and zip codes match. A few you can use are: Indiana 46802, Georgia 30604, and California 92055. I just pulled these out of a book. The reason I always stress not giving out personal information is to protect you from the weirdo's online! It's always best to be careful online the same as it is offline. You don't tell strangers where you live offline so please don't do it online either!

If asked, you should give the correct year of birth or age in order to comply with government regulations, but I suggest changing the day and month. For example, if you were born in 1990 go ahead and put that, but change the month and day just a bit so you are not giving out your actual birthday. If asked for an occupation choose student. For anything else use your best judgement and don't give anything that can identify you. Let your parents help you and make sure everything is ok.

If there are any checkboxes for free offers, newsletters, or anything like that make sure you uncheck them or they will flood you with junk email. Anything that asks if you want your email address listed in a directory or anything like that should also be unchecked. This keeps your email address private! Which is what you want, otherwise you are going to be constantly receiving tons of garbage. I know some people who get hundreds of junk emails every day just because they made the mistake of checking one or two little boxes.

When you are through Scroll up and read over everything to make sure it's correct. If it is you're ready to click on the "Submit" button to create your email account.

If everything went well, you should be finished. If someone already had the username you chose you will have to go back and try another one. Here is a hint: Try simply adding a number after your username. If you chose batman, (which I almost guarantee is taken), just make it batman50 or batman110. If you really like your username you will find that after a few tries adding numbers or even letters will eventually get you fairly close to the username you want. If there were any mistakes you will need to go back and correct them.

Once you have everything done correctly you will see the "Account Created" screen. Make sure you write your login name, (or username), and password down, so you will not loose it! This is what you will type in each time you login to your account. Your login name normally is NOT your email address. Many people make the mistake of thinking their email address is their login name. Next, write your email address down so that you can give it to your friends and family. This way they will be able to email you.

Go ahead and try to login to your account. Go to the login page and enter your login name, (or username), and your password. This is what you will have to do each time you want to get into your email account. If you chose Yahoo, then every time you want to use your email you will need to go to mail.yahoo.com and enter this same information. Click on "Enter", "Submit", "Login" or whatever it says to submit your login information. This should take you to your email account if everything was done correctly.

Once you are in your email account, you will probably have an email waiting for you from Yahoo or who ever you picked. Click on the underlined name of who it is from to open it and read it. Spend a few minutes clicking on the left side bar, going to "Compose", "Addresses", "Folders", "Options", and anything else to get you familiar with your new account. You may want to setup some things in options like your spam filter, colors, or whatever else you decide. Let your parents help you. They probably have already done this before and may know a few things that will help. If you click on "Log Out" you will end your email session and have to relogin in from the login page again. If you remember it was mail.yahoo.com for those who chose Yahoo.

"Compose" is where you will write your emails. If you would like to practice, feel free to email me at Kids Online. My email address is: mike@kids-online.net You want to type the email address of whoever you're sending to in the area beside where it says "TO:". This has to be typed in correctly or else your email will go to the wrong person or no one at all! Next enter a subject like: "Hey I did it!" or "Man that was easy!" Below, in the big box-like area, is where you will type your message. Type as much as you want! If you fill the entire box it will begin to scroll down and you can keep typing forever and ever! When you're done with your message click on "Send" and your email is off to whoever you decided to email.

Email accounts also have several other features depending on who you chose. Every email provider I know allows attachments and other neat stuff. For now, I would suggest taking a few weeks to get used to emailing your friends and getting used to using your new email account. When you're comfortable with that then you can start experimenting with other things like attachments. If you have any questions that you would like ask me or if you do not understand something please let me know. Enjoy your new email account!

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