Expansion Slots

Expansion Slot Openings

Expansion slot openings are located on the back of the computer. They look like the ones shown in the picture above. They provide access to the AGP, PCIe, PCI, and ISA expansion slots on the motherboard. The expansion slot opening shown on our Click-N-Learn computer, does not appear to have a PCI, ISA, or AGP expansion slot associated with it. To use this expansion slot opening, a person would need an expansion card like the Sound Blaster Live card shown below, which is actually two cards.

Sound Blaster Card

The top card plugs into a PCI slot, while the bottom card sends and receives its data through the larger card via the connected cable. The smaller card simply needs an empty expansion slot opening on the back of the case to mount to. The expansion slot opening you clicked on would be perfect for the bottom card.