5.25-inch Drive Bay

Tape Drive

5.25-inch external drive bays can hold several different types of hardware. A tape drive, like the one shown above, is just one example. Tape drives can store up to 200GBs of information on a single cartridge, making them an ideal choice for backing up a computer's hard drive. It takes longer to access information stored on tape drive cartridges as compared to CD or DVD disks, because the tape must be fast-forwarded or reversed to the location where the information is stored. For this reason, it is not a good idea to use tape drives for everyday use where you would want to access a file often.

5.25-inch drive bays are not limited to 5.25-inch drives only. You can install 3.5-inch drives using special adapter plates. You can install fan speed controls or even a digital display panel. There is also nothing wrong with just saving a bay for future expansion. The way technology changes so rapidly, who knows what may be available within only a few months.