1st Class Test
Question 1:

When talking about computers, what is the "Desktop"?

A:  Where the computer sets.
B:  A special computer desk with an anti-static top.
C:  The main screen you see after the computer starts up. The "My Computer" folder is normally displayed there.
D:  A small portable computer which can be powered by batteries or an electronic adapter.

Question 2:

What is computer wallpaper?

A:  Wallpaper used to decorate a room with a computer in it.
B:  Wallpaper made on a computer for use on the walls of a home.
C:  An image used for the background of the desktop screen.
D:  None of the above.

Question 3:

What is an icon on a computer?

A:  A picture of a very cool or heroic person.
B:  A special program where the user can manipulate con settings.
C:  An image used to represent something on a computer. A person can click on it.
D:  Stands for "infrared concise optical nebula" and is used by the bios.

Question 4:

What is input and output?

A:  A very popular Japanese rock band.
B:  Putting a disk "in" a computer and taking it "out" of the computer.
C:  A trial and error process of detecting viruses.
D:  An example would be entering information "in" with a keyboard and displaying it "out" onto a monitor.

Question 5:

What is the program Outlook used for?

A:  Email.
B:  Finding internet sites.
C:  Monitoring system information.
D:  None of the above.

Question 6:

What is a computer virus?

A:  Something that can alter and erase computer files making the computer act weird until fixed.
B:  A sickness that is transferred from humans to computers.
C:  A virus that can be contagious to humans if they get to close to an infected computer.
D:  A problem that completely destroys a computer and renders it useless forever.

Question 7:

Are all computer viruses basically the same?

A:  Yes! They will all render your computer useless forever.
B:  No but they will still all render your computer useless forever.
C:  No. Some only do minor damage while others can do much greater damage. The computer is always repairable.
D:  All are the same except for the email virus.

Question 8:

How is a computer rendered "useless" forever? (Be careful this one is really easy! Think about it.)

A:  By getting a virus.
B:  By an electrical surge.
C:  By letting a younger brother or sister use it.
D:  By throwing it off a cliff and smashing it into a million pieces on some rocks.

Question 9:

Why do computers have speakers?

A:  So computer stores can make more money.
B:  So we can hear sounds and music on our computer.
C:  So speaker companies can make more money
D:  So we can speak into them for voice programs.

Question 10:

Why do we need computers?

A:  For many different reasons. They make things like homework and accessing information easier.
B:  Because everyone is supposed to have one.
C:  Because my teacher says we should.
D:  They're more exciting than television.