Explorer Test
Question 1:

What is MS Paint?

A:  Very good paint.
B:  Metal and steel paint.
C:  A program used to draw and color pictures.
D:  Paint developed by the Monkey Shine corporation.

Question 2:

What is a computer error?

A:  It happens only when a virus wipes out computer information.
B:  Something that happens that the computer can't understand.
C:  Allowing someone unfamiliar with your computer to use it.
D:  None of the above.

Question 3:

If I turn on my computer and nothing happens then?

A:  It's most likely not plugged in.
B:  A trans-spacial frequency has eliminated the hard drive.
C:  Someone has probably stole the mother board.
D:  I probably forgot to pay my electric bill.

Question 4:

What is a modem?

A:  In Latin it means mother.
B:  A device used to communicate with other computers.
C:  A very high priced telephone.
D:  An elegant place to eat in large cities.

Question 5:

What is a website?

A:  A specific location on a spider's web.
B:  A location on the internet.
C:  Being able to spot webs easily.
D:  None of the above.

Question 6:

What is software?

A:  Programs used on a computer.
B:  Extremely soft clothing.
C:  Clothes that are made from cotton.
D:  Programs only used by advanced computer professionals.

Question 7:

What's meant by burning a CD?

A:  Setting any type of CD on fire.
B:  Subjecting a CD to extreme heat.
C:  Recording information on a CD.
D:  Wiping all data from a CD.

Question 8:

What is Downloading?

A:  Loading something from a lower position.
B:  Sending something down a conveyor to be loaded.
C:  Sending a file on your computer to a friend.
D:  Saving a file from the internet to your computer.

Question 9:

Which is the correct email address?

A:  nobody@email
B:  nobody@www.email
C:  www.nobody.email
D:  nobody@email.com

Question 10:

What is the correct web address?

A:  www.nobody.com
B:  www.com.nobody
C:  www.@.nobody
D:  www.nobody.%