Apprentice Test
Question 1:

What is a computer mouse?

A:  A mouse inside a computer.
B:  A mouse trained to use a computer.
C:  A device used to point and click.
D:  A video game charachter.

Question 2:

What is a computer keyboard?

A:  Something used only to make music on a computer.
B:  Something used to enter letters, numbers, and charachters.
C:  A board inside the computer with a special key on it.
D:  None of the above.

Question 3:

What is a computer monitor?

A:  A device used to monitor kids using a computer.
B:  A device used to montior anyone using a computer.
C:  A device found only on older computers.
D:  A device which lets us see information. Similar to a T.V..

Question 4:

What is a floppy disk?

A:  A disk used to store computer information.
B:  A disk that got too hot.
C:  A weak or defective disk.
D:  Something thrown in the olympics.

Question 5:

What is a computer printer?

A:  Someone who prints pictures of computers.
B:  A device used to print files off of a computer.
C:  A device found only on large company computers.
D:  None of the above.

Question 6:

What is a computer scanner?

A:  A device used to scan grocery labels.
B:  A person who scans computers for problems.
C:  A device used to scan pictures for use on a computer.
D:  A device used in hospitals.

Question 7:

What are computer programs?

A:  Programs we use on our computer to do many different things.
B:  T.V. shows about computers.
C:  Courses that teach people how to use computers.
D:  Government programs to give computers to those who can't afford them.

Question 8:

What is Microsoft Windows?

A:  A major window manufacturer.
B:  The most widely used operating system for a computer.
C:  Very soft windows for a home that have a high insulation value.
D:  Very small windows used in space travel.

Question 9:

What is the color of a computer?

A:  Beige
B:  Almond
C:  Light Tan
D:  Computers can be any color.

Question 10:

What is a computer hard drive?

A:  A very long trip with your computer.
B:  A computer capable of steering a car.
C:  A device inside the computer used to store information.
D:  A term used in racing game software.